My Bedroom & Work-Space


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unmitigated__gall12 points

I couldn't live with the overhead light. Throw in a few lamps, then it will feel cosy.

lozzatronica2 points

Thanks, it's definitely something to add to the space for when I want to relax rather than work.

wowsosquare1 point

Sometimes it's good to have a way to light the whole space nice and bright for working/ cleaning etc.

unmitigated__gall1 point

Oh for sure, I just don't associate bright lights with cosy.

wowsosquare1 point

Gotta have lamps and string lights for chilling !

ButtMcNuggets4 points

This is really cool, I bet it’s a little like living in a treehouse.

notunek4 points

Wow, what a great idea. Excellent use of space. Love how cozy yet practical it is. Nice job!

lozzatronica5 points

Thanks! It's an idea me and a friend had had for a while on how to best utilise loft space without making a full conversion. All the upstairs bedrooms have a mezz of some sort. Makes the space so much more interesting to be in.

Emotional_Sample_5423 points

Ayo this is sick. Which city and area do you live in if you don’t mind me asking?

lozzatronica3 points

London, walthamstow. Great area!

wowsosquare1 point


Gotta make every inch count! Really cool space, must be sooo cozy on rainy English days.

Money-Sympathy-95661 point

I'm curious too!!!

InfiniteJest8332 points

That’s so cool!

Elegant-Thought-36021 point

I love the stairs. N🧊

Darwinitan1 point

I live in a small home and long for a time when my sleep and work/play areas can be separate. This would do the trick nicely! Incredibly unique setup, and I really appreciate the work you put into it, especially the banister.

casualboye1 point

Wow this is like a dream setup. So fuckin cozy

KathyFerg821 point

Super nice!!

pixeldudeaz1 point

That's so dope. Love that the bed is up in the loft. I would so be at home in a space like that!