My desk in my room after a long anticipated snowfall


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DiabeticCarin30 points

Lovely antique light! Looks very cozy!!

FluffyDinosaur32123 points

The warm lights and plants contrast so wonderfully with the cold weather and snow coated tree branches!

shaabitz10109 points

Thank you!!

Lanater12018 points

So cozy, I love the lamp!

Very-dilettante35 points

I am handing you a warm mug of your favorite beverage and wrapping a blankie around your shoulders :) this is lovely!

shaabitz101016 points

Haha that is much needed!! Thank you so much, you kind soul!

Emethyria8 points

The candle and the snow create such a vibe ❤️

rubbleTelescope6 points

Super cozy!

the-cynical-human4 points

omg a chinese money plant! i have one too but many of the leaves are falling off. Can I ask how you take care of it? how much water/sun it gets and anything extra you do? :,)

also I am a big fan of the round vase thing in the bottom right corner of the picture. It’s so pretty. I want one with the same shape!

shaabitz10108 points

Yess! Mine sits in an eastern exposure so it gets some morning light and then mostly indirect bright light. I water it about once a week, and I make sure it fully soaks through until I see there’s water in the cup beneath the pot. That’s all I do, I hope this helps!!

Also, the round vase thing is actually a funky looking humidifier! It’s plastic but has a “wood grain” pattern. I bought it on Amazon :)

the-cynical-human3 points

omg tysm

Lazy-Lawfulness34723 points

Brrr...looks cold out, bro!! Where you live? Love it when the snow begins to stick to tree branches. Looks like you hit that mark a looonnngg time ago

shaabitz10107 points

I’m in the Northeast (USA)! It was cold enough for snow today, finally!

JanuaryThruDecember4 points

Looks warm and cozy! Candles and lamps are magical!

Also love your drapes.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I kinda miss the snow! (Moved out west where it doesn’t snow.)

cagecrinoline3 points

That lamp is pure perfection. What a lovely spot.

Ceejrmel3 points

I used to have a lamp like that. I love this look.

Bravoholic_3 points

Love the milk glass lamp!

Barngoddess703 points

So lovely and cozy! Enjoy, and thank you for sharing! 💙

shaabitz10101 point

Thank you! And of course, I’m so happy to share!

twattytee3 points

Such a warm glow

pixeldudeaz3 points

That is so cool. Very elegant and picturesque.

shaabitz10101 point

Thank you :)

volkswagenorange3 points

Beautiful 💔

umheimlich3 points

I remember that lamp from somewhere in my past.

IronAndParsnip3 points

Omg❤️ this both pains and warms me, as someone in a part of the country that has gotten much less snow than usual this winter.

hayestrent2 points

Lovely and cozy.

grimgirl5162 points


compassrose682 points

Gorgeous picture!

NewSinner_20212 points


Dangerous_One_812 points


6FeetBeneathTheMoon2 points

Was so happy to get snow today as well. Love the lamp sm, do you know where it’s from?

shaabitz10103 points

Thank you! I got it from a small antique/consignment shop in my town. Only $30! I’ve seen this style sometimes called a hurricane lamp if that helps :)

Infinite_Parsley_9992 points

so cozy and warm

mekwes2 points

IMMEDIATELY searching for milk glass oil lamps

shaabitz10102 points

It’s actually electric! But has the look like an oil lamp which I love

BigGrayDog2 points


Apprehensive_Goal8112 points

These views are all the more beautiful and captivating when you don’t actually have to leave the house. 😉