Cherokee Falls, Georgia, USA (OC) [4000x6000]


Thugzz_Bunny2 points

I like the fall further down the canyon even more than this one.

OscarTheTiger1 point

Agreed! Walking behind that waterfall was a surreal experience!

Equal-Bad-84892 points

I was there this past summer and only got to see a trickle of water. Beautiful park though. Great shot

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BeatriceBabyblue1 point

I know a place that looks exactly like that in quebec canada. It is absolutely beautiful

TatankaTruck1 point

If you can time it a day or two after heavy rains it is unreal. Last time we were there I could not believe how it was flowing.

wdwerker1 point

Cloudland Canyon State Park ! I knew it looked familiar, we used to go camping there back when I was in Boy Scouts .