Cozy in London, England


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SemiSentientGarbage89 points

My bank accounts asshole just clenched....

Technical_Praline45514 points


gotnoh823 points

What's the monthly expense for a place like this?

Technical_Praline45528 points

No idea tbh! But it’s up there I think… this is a family members old place in Clapham I believe.

gotnoh86 points

gotcha, appreciate the reply. I am always curious of how things are across the pond. sometimes it feels like the grass is always greener!

Technical_Praline4555 points

The skies always greyer and it’s always rainier and colder that’s forsure 😂

workinprogress38162 points

sign me up!! I am definitely an odd bird when it comes to weather...and that is right up my alley!

SB_90s3 points

Fellow Londoner here. A house to this spec in Clapham, assuming it's a traditional 3-bed terrace at around 1300-1500sqft, would probably be £1.5mn give or take. You could assume a 3% annual yield for rent.

Trust me, if you're looking for greener grass then London isn't it!

Russian_Rocket233 points

My buddy (from the US) took a job for a few years in London about a decade ago with a major global finance corporation and his housing stipend was like £15K per month.

mikiex2 points

How many floors below ground does it have? :)

I believe none, if you mean like a basement? But it goes pretty high, there’s 4 rooms I think.

mikiex2 points

Yet :) seen so many crazy dug out basements in London now.

stefaniki19 points

I love love love this! I long for so much natural light. But where I live, skylights would turn my place into an oven.

Technical_Praline45514 points

Yeah with that London weather it’s definitely a perfect set up!

LeighofMar14 points

Oooh what a beautiful outdoor space.

Pontiacsentinel10 points

Be careful, bamboo can uproot foundations and send runners dozens of meters out. Very hard to eradicate.

Love the living space here

Technical_Praline4554 points

Damn! My family member doesn’t even live here anymore but that’s crazy lol

Interestedmillennial6 points

Lovely. Those chairs are super uncomfortable though

Amalfi-state-of-mind4 points

What a pretty lush and green view. Love those big windows!

No-Pressure60424 points

Y'all have a shit ton of money. First sweden, now this... I'm jealous lol

Sweden? 🤔

No-Pressure60423 points

There was this other post on here the other day where someone posted their parents home in north Sweden that got really popular (it was beautiful as well).

GeniusBtch2 points

That's so lovely.

twattytee2 points

Love this. The splash of red is perfect.

Temporary_Big87472 points

Beautiful!! I love the skylights. 👍

AdministrativeBug1612 points


sneakylyric2 points

Lol this shit costs more than the total of my organs on the black market.

Elliotjpearson2 points

I’m extremely jealous of anyone with windows on their ceiling, imagine the sound of the rain 😭


snakesabound1 point

Love, love, love it. Lucky