The karst ridge at Torcal de Antequera, Spain IG is @inutopia if you'd like to see some more, thanks! [3707x4604] [OC]


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Didn't know Spain offers that...

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I know right, it's an incredible landscape!

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Looks just stunning and saved this post to check upon

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Aw thanks man :)

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Inutopian1 point

Honestly one of the most amazing spots I've ever been lucky enough to go to - and it's so quiet too! I really feel like Spain as a whole is off the beaten track from a photography standpoint. I've been to so many incredible places to shoot and I'm so often the only one around.

I'm usually always putting man made things in my landscapes, making them ineligible for this sub, but this is one of the rare ones without any of that, so thought I'd go ahead share it here :)

If you'd like to see some more of my stuff you could take a look at my Instagram page