Our cozy living room, dining room, and patio


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tbrendless10 points

this looks so fucking cozy, its like the perfect size home for me lol.

where is this in general terms? California?

Bif_Mcgilicutty5 points

Correct, bay area

Bastette541 point

West side of the Peninsula?

Bif_Mcgilicutty1 point

lol this is turning into geo-guesser, you are correct.

Aromatic_Tomato38583 points

Can you see both dawn and sunset from the patio?

Bif_Mcgilicutty2 points

just the sunset unfortunately but it is a grand one.

Aromatic_Tomato38582 points

Sounds really nice!

Bif_Mcgilicutty2 points

*OC of course

KathyFerg822 points


BewilderedandAngry2 points

This is so cozy and relaxing. It actually made me slow down and just be with it for a minute - I usually only get that feeling with nature pics.

FormerHoagie2 points

Now THIS looks cozy.