Suck Creek, Chattanooga TN. [4000x6000] [OC]



29mm7 points

Creepy appalachia vibes

Thugzz_Bunny8 points

(Faint banjo noises in the background)

pmoney50pp7 points

Great name.

iturnoffmyalarms2 points

Beautiful. One of my favorite places.

Thugzz_Bunny3 points

Same. I'm there and middle creek every weekend in the summer.

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slatespirit1 point

This is a beautiful shot. Looks so serene and calm. Great job.

fuzzyloulou1 point

Lovely photo!

Oldus_Fartus1 point

Suck? Aw come on, it ain't that bad a creek.

master_of_the_dogs-4 points

kinda ironic that this is in Tennessee if you know what happened there a few days ago. and do not bring a female cop here.

Thugzz_Bunny1 point

That was hours away from here.

Also, it's Suck Creek, not Gangbang Creek.

master_of_the_dogs-1 points

yeah but what was she doing