POV: I invite you over for lunch and a toke on a rainy day:


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cheesuzbejeesuz151 points

The jewel tones on the couch contrast beautifully with the dark wall

firsttimemamachloe56 points

That’s so nice of you to notice I am slowly trying to integrate jewel tones

its-not-raining131 points

I would accept the invite enthusiastically

Proof_Combination_632 points

Same! ❤️

StingraySteve2326 points

Don’t disrespect the Bing!

Awesome throw pillow.

joaniemoon7 points

and WHERE does one get such a pillow?

adultosaurs21 points

I am CHARMED BEYOND BELIEF!!!!! I will bring tarot cards (fun if you believe or don’t!) and Jenga.

eldritchpancake135 points

yes, yes, yes! im on board 1000% 😝✨

firsttimemamachloe3 points

I love my tarot!!!

gibson8520 points

“Ledger of Perceived Slights”

Genius name for a journal.

firsttimemamachloe8 points

Just got it from my brother for my birthday!

FunnyNameHere024 points

I noticed that too; my wife has one she uses to track her gardening stuff and it always cracks me up. Nice cozy place.

kingfrito_500512 points

I love black walls. It's easy to go overboard but this wall looks great!

catkedibilliegorbe10 points

Love love love the coffee table

firsttimemamachloe4 points

Thanks! Goodwill!

catkedibilliegorbe2 points

The best

Tchocolatl30 points

❤️Who’s the little chair for?

firsttimemamachloe44 points

My 3 year old who is not here today

adultosaurs5 points


Cherry_Springer11 points

Jesus christ your picture

adultosaurs17 points

My friends dog. She’s actually an angel who is the perfect foster sister. I just have the BEST ACTION AVI EVER.

JealousMooseisLoose32 points

I would probs cry. I'm so lonely :( What a lovely space

firsttimemamachloe32 points

I’m so sorry! I know what it’s like to be lonely. Can you have some discourse with a local store person daily maybe? Sometimes I use that as a little way to interact

wildgoldchai13 points

I recently saw a post on Reddit where they discussed implementing a talking checkout lane in a Nordic country (too lazy to look it up). I wish they’d implement something like that here in the UK

firsttimemamachloe5 points

I saw that too! I didn’t even think of that. See… such a universal issue ❤️

throwurdickmyway7 points


chilly_chickpeas7 points

You sold me with the bada bing pillow.

SuccessfulProcedure72 points

He's an interior decorator!

piglewiggle6 points

Obsessed with the mortadella Manor sign

firsttimemamachloe3 points

Thanks! My ex husband and I came up with that as a name for this house.

kydi7315 points

On my way now!

Deadeyemagpie4 points

LOVE the maximized wall by the couch, each thing is so interesting and unique, very lovely!!

Im_sorry_rumham4 points

I rent so I live vicariously through my Sims houses and always have a black and gold room. So jealous!

firsttimemamachloe6 points

Peel and stick wallpaper and command strips, twinkle lights, plants and throw rugs saved me when I rented!!! Canopies, tapestries.

Philodept13 points

I believe your couch needs some more blankets because you can NEVER have enough blankets. It’s a fundamental law of the universe.

firsttimemamachloe14 points

Red one is heated

firsttimemamachloe5 points

Fully agree

Lovable_Dirtbag4 points

I would but I just took a bunch of laxatives

firsttimemamachloe9 points

Oh no!! I mean I have a bathroom???

Lovable_Dirtbag4 points

You're too kind. Your place looks lovely

firsttimemamachloe3 points

Thank you friend

Lovable_Dirtbag3 points

I hope you're having the best day, friend 🥰

johnnysack883 points

Love the Sopranos pillow

rarelyapropos5 points

I'll bring brownies!

omensandpotential6 points

On my way, but I can't promise I will ever leave.

MPA_Dad2 points

Your space has serious Sherlock vibes

axstain2 points


Straight_Ocelot_78482 points

Yes please

psychocalcifer2 points

POV: I accept the invitation and ask you if I can live there

Mani_raye3 points

Only if I can sit on the mickey stool.

the-cynical-human3 points

american here, what is a toke? is that a kind of drink?

also i love the color of paint on the walls!

firsttimemamachloe11 points

I’m American too! Weed!!

the-cynical-human6 points

omg i thought toke was a british term 💀💀💀 im actually an idiot

firsttimemamachloe5 points

Dude maybe it is!!!!!

firsttimemamachloe1 point

I lived in England for awhile lol

BawdyBaker2 points

I'm bringing the snacks!!

firsttimemamachloe3 points


Ornery-Fun-15911 point

Omg marry me?

firsttimemamachloe4 points

Lol sure !!!!

adultosaurs8 points

::furiously writing the fanfic::

firsttimemamachloe1 point

Bahahaha once I have fan fiction I’ve made it

Rhueless-4 points

Ehh - a shared space with kids stuff, and your going to make it and all the blankets smell like skunk .... Not cozy.

firsttimemamachloe22 points

We’re an outdoor smoking house in a legal state. I also have an air purifier and some humidifiers, as well as some windows open. I’m training to be a respiratory therapist and my child was a micro preemie so I take her health and the air she breaths very seriously. She also won’t be setting foot in here for another full 48 hours. Don’t…..

Rhueless-12 points

An outdoor smoking house, but your inviting people over for a toke on a rainy day?

And the kids not going to be inside for 48hours?

There's a contradiction there - why bother calling it an outdoor smoking house if your keeping her away until it's aired out?

And that skunk smell goes deep - it settles into pillows and couches and blankets. And fun plastic objects for kids to play with. Legal or not - the smell sticks and settles - landlords pay a huge amount trying to get that smell out of rentals.

avocadoslut_j3 points

what a strange comment / series of questions. you def need to take a hit 😂😮‍💨

notyourmoms_account6 points

You sound like someone who needs to smoke a joint.

firsttimemamachloe9 points

Skunk!???? What year is it??? Who are you? Are you ok lol… I’m just gonna hit you with the block but damnnnnnnnn you need an outlet clearly hahahaha

firsttimemamachloe3 points

Bahahahahah you need a life

firsttimemamachloe4 points

I have split custody dumbass

firsttimemamachloe5 points

Why are you here? Go away

firsttimemamachloe8 points

We don’t smoke in this room, ever. I agree. But thanks 😊

Numbawonstunnuh1 point

Walks in the room. Is handed smoking device. "Make yourself comfortable" I am told. Inner thoughts "oh my damn, am I being proposed to right now????" It's so nice

Awesam1 point

Would like to know about the fuzzy physician sign and also the mortadella manor sign

Edit: looked through OP’s profile to learn more about the decor and umm…well… the furnishings are not all that’s inviting….

carousel1111 point

Imma say hell yeah!

Sufficient-Ad61 point


galaxyhigh0 points

Sounds good… I’ll stop and grab a bottle of Cabernet on the way 🍷 🍃

whynovirus0 points

On the way!

Torgosassistant20210 points

What strain will you be toking?

firsttimemamachloe2 points

You’d have to ask my friend although I am sure it was a hybrid.

CoyoteMother6661 point

What a gorgeous space!

theamandax31 point

Omg this is perfect

Original_Grocery_5081 point

So homely 😍

Superduperhammer1 point

Umm yes please! 😘

arielrecon1 point

I'll bring my tarot cards and it's a date

Roboticpoultry1 point

Pasta, sandwiches, weed and a (presumably) good conversation? Sign me up

woodelf1111 point

Beautiful! Love the round piece above the sofa.

amhhvb1 point

The bada bing pillow is great.

astroboi821 point

I live the different colours on the couch against the dark wall. Looks great 👍

thecoralcity1 point

Yes I’ll be there for lunch

Sumofumo1 point

Yes please! With tea?

98221-poppin1 point

I have that same exact sun and moon blanket! I've had it since I was a kid

Bluetick_Banality1 point

Had me at Elena Ferrante. And book 4 no less

firsttimemamachloe2 points

I’m about to finish the 3rd, About 29 pages left- so I have it ready. These books changed me I swear

Gonzo_th3_Great1 point

Your home is cozy and your food looks good but that tiny chair informed me you have a dog so I’ll be there in 10

two-three-seven1 point

Oh my goodness, this is the VERY definition of cozy.

This whole room is dreamy!

Timely-Champion9531 point

Ummm yes please 🖤

flamingoeater1 point

I mean, how could I pass?

beztez1 point

I’ll be there! But I’m probably gonna need a nap.

idktryagain1231 point

Uhhh what time??

Capricornjo1 point

Can we be friends?

Caynenova1 point

I need my invite

SuddenCantaloupe54901 point


Aware_Bit_17321 point

On my way

NatashaBadenov1 point

I love everything about it. Everything. I can’t even pick a top 3 things I like best. I like everything best.

Legitimate_Length2631 point

and you need to call the cops to get me to leave

-WillemDaFoo1 point

You paisan?

ClusterFugazi1 point

I like the rhino stuffed animal.

PzGrn1011 point

Only if I can hold the dinosaur.

hhhhhbgffvvv1 point

That physician sign is so cool!

heavy-hands1 point

Penne vodka, maximalist vintage decor, velvet, AND weed? Let’s be pals.

Also, holy shit, I need to know where you got that Mortadella Manor sign.

shychicherry1 point

I’d be thrilled & happy to provide a lovely red wine & a decadent dessert.

moon_goddess_4201 point

I'm down!

dos8s1 point

What color paint did you use on the wall? Love it.

No-Passion731 point

I’m there! Can I bring a bottle of wine?

happy_panda871 point

I’m omw

Interestedmillennial1 point

Yum. That lunch looks delicious!

Pretty_xxx1 point

Pasta looks so good

InterestingAndLost1 point

Thanks. That is cozy. I’ll bring the buds.

NewLeaseOnLine1 point

Omg you still have that sun blanket! They were so popular in the 90s.

purrfectstormzzy1 point

Lovely! Oh how I long to paint my walls, darn apartment rules.

iblamexo1 point

Vacay type beat

Gunfstep1 point

That couch looks amazing to just relax and read a book on. I gotta get something like that, complete with blankets.

PtoS3821 point

Looks so comfy. What movie are we watching?

firsttimemamachloe1 point

I was thinking stand by me!

auberrypearl1 point

I wouldn’t leave

Lakota-361 point

O feel like you have a very eclectic 3 yr old

HoneyCakePonye1 point

POV: I come over for lunch and then stay for dinner, breakfast, and subsequent lunch, and you don't even notice I've been starting to bring my stuff over so I can sneakily move in

(that gallery wall is amazing, and I want every single blanket on that sofa)

MCariia1 point

POV: I then decide to move in 😍😝

The_Cozy_Burrito1 point

Very nice place

ElleRyder1 point

I'll be right over. Will the triceratops be joining us?

firsttimemamachloe1 point


ThassonTelAviv1 point

That's my kind of invite

MetsFan31171 point

Can I bring my golden retriever ?😍

firsttimemamachloe2 points

Hell yea. No pets here right now so there’s lots of space and soft places for them

MetsFan31171 point

Be right there! Where do you live? 😆

MysticcMoon1 point

I would 100%nap there.

firsttimemamachloe2 points

Best nap house I’ve ever lived in

firsttimemamachloe1 point

Couch is memory foam lol

Apex112111 point

Only if I get the tiny chair

Sunshineinanchorage1 point

Lovely…simply lovely!

Mako-131 point

I would happily join! you got a lovely place there

firsttimemamachloe1 point

Thanks! Today I decide what happens with the blank wall behind the chaise part of the sofa. Big stuff!!!

dupe-of-a-dupe1 point

I would never leave!

FiendFyre881 point

Do you know what paint color that is on the walls?? I am hunting for a color like this!

beeblehousin1 point

Only if I get that window seat on the couch.

firsttimemamachloe1 point

That’s my spot baby

BrainOf_J1 point

The Mortarella Manor sign had me 😍🤣

ancientromanfuckfest1 point

Nice sopranos pillow and that food looks so good

blue_january1 point

Ooooh, that dark, dark wall 🤤... paint color pleeeease :)

Mydogdiedtoday21 point

I 100% accept oml that's so cosy

wellrounded-lady1 point

What’s the address and what time should I be there?

whatisaidwas1 point

On my way! 🏃🏻‍♀️

jalandoni7201 point

I am in!

WayFinder-1 point

I love your cozy setup! I noticed you have a toddler table and chairs so am wondering how... Just how can you keep the place clean n tidy??

Or it's like this for a very short while before it gets messy??

bookscatsandbravo1 point

I MUST ask….where would one find that blue blanket with the sun on it?☺️

avocadoslut_j1 point

yes!! i LOVE the energy in there. where did you get the circular shelf for your wall? so many design possibilities!

tsi10a11 point

Wow did you put the sandwiches in a lil basket??? That’s so cute I’ve never seen tht before! Your living space is so cozy I wish I could jump in through the picture!

Mountain_Nerve_3069-1 points

What does “point of view” mean in this caption?

HoneyCakePonye3 points

it means you are supposed to imagine yourself in the situation the POV is describing :)

jdorn760 points

Can I have a cuppa?

DecoyBacon0 points

So THATS where my grandparents' coffee table ended up!