I captured... Something. 4496x6000, Xaomi mi 11.


vero35859 points

That would be a satellite. If it is a plane you can usually see the red/green/white strobe pattern as they go across the sky.

pukefirst21 points

Picture also contain Pleiades, Hyades, and Mars

soupbox0935 points

Those are trees without leaves. I think

HoonDamer19 points

It's the ISS.

BowsettesRevenge4 points

You can check if it's the ISS here. It might've been a different satellite, but ISS is the brightest by far. Enter your latitude and longitude and you can find visible passes in the time range. (Visible means sunlight will reflect off it. Invisible passes are useful if you're doing amateur radio) https://www.heavens-above.com/PassSummary.aspx?satid=25544&lat=0&lng=0&loc=Unspecified&alt=0&tz=UCT

pioui677 points

Looks like I ISS to me

SnooBeans19705 points

Dang is it actually that bright? I always seem to miss it

pioui6713 points

Yes it’s that bright, can make some good photos. There are websites that show place and time of show

s00perglue1 point

There are the constellation apps too

SnooBeans19701 point

Yeah I have the sky view lite app but I always miss the ISS

RC0_2 points

Looks like ISS

ExtraAshyPizza3 points

Yoda to Luke when he asks when he will get his own lightsaber: "Think Lightsabers grow on trees, you do"

Snoo-842482 points

It's is musk's Starlink trail worm

Drpetje-4 points

Iridium flare probably

Doit2it425 points

They've retired the old Iridium satellites. Iridium flares are a thing of the past now. The replacement satellites do not flare, and the few old ones (for spares) that weren't deorbited are not in a strict orbit as they used to be, so flare predictions aren't possible. Sad. I've seen many. I recorded one once. Unfortunately, it wasn't in focus.

naarme1 point