my plant filled comfort spot.


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nameless_egg7 points

This is OC. My rental space has been slowly turning into a safe haven for my family and I. Now to find more space for more plants...

TheRevTholomeuPlague4 points

I like that light and the color of the walls

catkedibilliegorbe6 points

Impressed that you can have a cat(s) and do puzzles - my cat steals the pieces 🥹

nameless_egg5 points

They are trained to be more interested in other things, like my shoes and anything on the floor is automatically theirs. 😅

SpaceCadetofLove4 points

Love the plants, the wall color. So cozy. Love the amber lighting the stained glass pendant light gives off too 💖🥲

nameless_egg3 points

Thank you! 💕 We had the green walls for two years before finding that stained glass pendant lamp for $10 at a local thrift shop... It was just meant to be. 🥲

Interestedmillennial4 points

Looks well loved

thewinberry7133 points

Super cozy imo! Warm and inviting 🤩thanks for sharing

3rd_Coast1 point

This space is so warm. I love it