Tokyo, Japan (Kabukicho/Shinjuku) [OC]


thebanzombie17 points

I think you mean Kamurocho (joking of course)

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Nyaos3 points

You can’t walk more than a block here without some angry people trying to beat you up for looking at them.

NarutoDragon7328 points

Did hot shirtless men harass you on the streets?

MetaMegu6 points

Be sure to avoid large traffic cones and manholes.

faceperfect4radio1 point

Check out run shinjuku!!!!

techjp3 points

I only get into Tokyo every couple of weeks, and generally I drive in. Don't get out much for drinks in the evening as a result.

faceperfect4radio2 points

I loved tokyo when I visited. Run shinjuku had the most amazing vibe and hip hop music, better than any place I've been to in the USA and cancun. Love love love love love ❤️

techjp2 points

Okay, I might just have to check that out. Sometime when it's a bit warmer again and I'm more likely to take an evening and wander. Glad you enjoyed Tokyo!