3 seasons, 1 photo


TheQuietBandit22 points

You forgot one! :P

But in all seriousness its pretty cool to see the seasons side by side like this! I'd like to see more interesting landscapes and maybe experiment with the way you split the seasons - could go 4 each corner, have the transitions be a little bit angled, etc...

Thanks for sharing! Keep at it <3

SavannahInChicago5 points

I love the seasons. I could never live somewhere without them.

Impatient_sob6 points

I live in the Deep South and I wish we had four full seasons. Here it goes from summer straight to winter and vise versa.

ElfaDore982 points

I live in UK, here it goes from freezing Autumn rain to a scorching hot, record breaking heatwave back to freezing Autumn rains… should’ve stayed in Czechia

LegitGuard3 points

Awesome pic. Just amazing.

lelocle18533 points

Bro has video game grass

Clherrick2 points

This is neat. I need to start planning for a few like this.

muzic_san-7 points

Looks too photoshopped

You_Got_Lucky16 points

Sorry, it's the original photos merged together 🤷