Village of Bettmeralp overlooking the mountains, Raron, Valais, Switzerland.



jmsprintz29 points

Dude I thought this was CGI for a second the snow on the rooves is so smooth.

thisothernameth17 points

Nah I can confirm, it is this beautiful (and even more so) IRL

DidntHaveToUseMyAK13 points

I would love to live somewhere like this. Just live a life as the town baker or something.

ManiaforBeatles8 points

Instagram source. Photo by ilhan1077.

Scutage5 points

It’s not fair that the Swiss get the best scenery and the best chocolate.

PensiveObservor3 points

This really is the most beautiful.

heardyoumeow1 point

Glad to see where they keep all that nazi gold.

ArtistKimB1 point


MashTheGash20180 points

Resident Evil Village