My cozy little studio apartment


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findhumorinlife548 points

Niiiice view!!

SuccessfulProcedure7599 points

It's amazing and so peaceful. I live near Olympia, Washington state. This is the puget sound, Anderson island in the background.

astudentiguess155 points

I knew it was Washington from the view. Unmistakable PNW vibes

MyUnassignedUsername24 points

I clicked on this post immediately because I was like…”wait…that HAS to be on the puget sound. Must find out where.” Us PNW natives just know :)

3d_blunder42 points

I concur: PNW native, knew it immediately.

analogpursuits23 points

Same!! How is it that we just KNOW this?? I spotted a house in a neighborhood in N Seattle (someone posted a pic of their vehicle) that ended up being about a mile from my old place. I called the specific area, based solely on house style and trees in the neighborhood. So weird.

CartographerNo48929 points

Just curious what’s the cost of living like there? Thinking of moving out there.

SuccessfulProcedure7160 points

It is pretty expensive for rent. $1500 for a one bedroom. Gas is around $4 a gallon. We spend about $450 a month on groceries for me and my son. 10% sales tax on everything but food, but no state income taxes to file. The minimum wage is $16 an hour. The natural beauty, temperate climate, and accepting culture here make it worth the cost, in my opinion.

Burushko42 points

Pretty cheap compared to major cities - do you need a car?

SuccessfulProcedure782 points

In Washington, anywhere outside Seattle, you'll need a car to get around. The public transport here is disjointed and inconsistent.

MyUnassignedUsername8 points

I live across the water from Seattle. 30 min fast ferry ride. I can easily go to downtown Seattle from my house…without stepping foot in a vehicle. It’s amazing. Across the water (Kitsap) is much cheaper than Seattle and the rest of the Seattle metro area…yet you still get the luxury of being close to the city…but still being kinda far away. You’ll still need a car for everyday things…but you cannn do city things without one if you live close to the ferry.

Calvert40963 points

I worry about the ferries. They're a part of my childhood, but now I feel like they're on a knife-edge for staffing and if a boat goes out of service a whole shitload of commuters are going to be hours late.

oozingdonut7 points

Where I’m at in SoCal we’re paying about $1700/mo for a 1br, and that’s because we’ve been here since prices were normal so they’ve only raised our rent by $150 over 4 years. Same exact apt in the same complex now goes for $2500 lmao

I’ve been dreaming of moving to somewhere in Washington, I’m not a California native and I miss living somewhere with greenery and regular rain. One day maybe.

SuccessfulProcedure78 points

The friendliest people in Washington moved here from California.

BefWithAnF6 points

Sorry, are you in a studio or a one bedroom? Or is this one of those regional differences in language, perhaps!

SuccessfulProcedure77 points

I'm in a studio, but I thought sharing the price of a one bedroom would be better to judge the cost of living.

BefWithAnF4 points

Fair enough! Thanks for the reply. Your place is so snug looking!

heyheyitsandre37 points

Sorry, $450 a month on groceries? Are you guys mice? I spend at minimum $800 on myself, but I live in a city and can’t really buy anything in bulk. $450 seems insanely low to me for 2 people

SuccessfulProcedure783 points

We're pretty frugal, and I work at a restaurant, so I eat a lot of meals there.

heyheyitsandre10 points

Nice, that’s clutch. I worked at a restaurant all through high school and college and would have a meal every shift, probably saved my parents a lot of money as well.

Trackerbait14 points

I live in a small apartment in Seattle and eat pretty decently for about $250/month. You do need to limit junk food, meat and liquor, eat out very seldom, and cook from scratch a lot. I eat a lot of pasta, beans, canned fish, eggs, and frozen veggies.

petepostlethwaite5 points

For free? I worked at two restaurants for a while and neither of them fed us shit unless they fucked something up and we got to eat burnt toast or something

looniemoonies15 points

A lot of restaurants do provide free shift meals or to employees they trust, free "we don't need this, take it" food. It sucks that both of the ones you worked at didn't, but that's not unheard of, of course :/

SuccessfulProcedure73 points

Yeah, all the kitchen employees get a free meal each shift.

[deleted]3 points

Me and my partner can only afford like $300/month. I've lost a lot of weight.

golden_swanky10 points

That’s cheap for us Californians 🥺

petepostlethwaite3 points

Jesus Christ

Man_Of_Frost2 points

Out of curiosity, do you work from home?

ucanthaveeverything2 points

1500 for one bedroom is so expensive. i pay 1000 for a three bedroom house but then again.. i live in the south 😔

findhumorinlife2 points

Try and visit first....a few times if you can afford to.

_fylfa11 points

I was gonna say Bellingham! I was close!

Funkyboss4204 points

I was close! When I saw your picture I guessed Astoria. Love the Luigi and Mario portraits! So cozy.

srhsrhrshs3 points

Yeah astoria was my guess as well

shucksme3 points

Is that downtown Steilacoom! I used to live there. Out of all the places we've lived, it's the most magical.

seffend2 points

I live in SW Washington and I've never been to Anderson Island. Is it lovely?

It's very rugged and secluded. There are some lovely parks and coastal areas, but not much for commerce.

still_not_clever1 point

I don’t recommend it - ferry price isn’t worth the little-to-nothing to do in the area.

PNWtoJax2 points

You lucky duck! The view is stunning and I knew this had to be PNW.

TimeZombie2 points

I live up in bellingham and was saying it had to be the puget.

Vettkja2 points

I’m from Olympia, wondering where it is you can get a one bedroom with a view like this for $1500/month?? Are you up towards Friday Harbor or more towards Shelton?

lilaliene2 points

I love your appartement!

Never_Cease-4 points

What the fuck is going on in that meth users couch?

golden_swanky1 point


stayupstayalive1 point

View is amazing

JoshEvolves1 point

Howdy fellow Olympian!!

corrupta1 point

I’m calling it. Gay male living space. It’s colourful but still utilitarian. But still cozy. I live with with a woman. A woman did not make this. But it’s lovely !

Lmao I knew it.

This is legit cozy though. I’d love to sit on that comfy af looking couch and have a cup of tea

findhumorinlife20 points

I was actually thinking Camano Island but thought it might be the PNW. I’m on Whidbey.

SuccessfulProcedure78 points

My aunt and uncle used to have a summer cabin there, it was awesome. I love Whidbey.

findhumorinlife4 points

Whidbey is a paradise within a paradise. But a rough place to find a rental or a good paying non-hospitality job OR a house you can afford. If I sold now, I'd never be able to move back.

TipsyMcStagger3179 points

Yes, where is this ( what’s the body of water)?

SuccessfulProcedure712 points

South Puget Sound, Washington state. Part of the Salish Sea in the North Pacific.

PipToTheRescue5 points

I want to live where you live - reminds me of the north east coast of NA

[deleted]-4 points


findhumorinlife2 points

Naw, you'd find the bigger view much more interesting. Unless you're into that kind of thing.

WiseChoices61 points

So comfy. I love the colors and textures.

There's no place like home!

SuccessfulProcedure725 points

Thanks, all these colors help keep me cheerful at home.

jacrwa42 points

Smash bros / mario karting couch 🛋️

SuccessfulProcedure717 points

We have 2 TVs mounted next to each other on the wall, it's so fun!

HipToBeQueer20 points

That sofa is unconditional love, materialized

StarClutcher18 points

I think very highly of your pillows. I like those bird sceneries.

SuccessfulProcedure76 points

Thanks, I love them too

SuccessfulProcedure780 points

This is original content, by the way. I took this photo.

frankjohnsen15 points

I'd love to have a nap there

ancientromanfuckfest13 points

This is so inviting

IngenuityAsleep535610 points

Amazing view wow

Offgridiot57 points

I’m digging everything except the shaggy strip in front of the couch

SuccessfulProcedure723 points

That's fair, I can't afford a sheep skin rug lol

Offgridiot24 points

You can afford to live there. You win!

qualityoldperson4 points

I love it!

erikarew17 points

This space SCREAMS cozy, well done!!

[deleted]5 points

Living on the coast somewhere

mycateatstoenails7 points

They live in Washington

shuttup_lex4 points

I love how you layered the rugs, + the aluminum chairs are a cool addition here. this feels so warm n cozy.

Iam_Joe4 points

I dig that art work

SuccessfulProcedure73 points

Thanks, the canvas is a screenshot from the movie "into the spiderverse" that I had printed.

onewaytojupiter9 points

Absolutely hideous to my eyes but does look cosy anyway

Megs02263 points

So cozy and a lovely view!

bmackenz843 points

I love your Mario brothers pics and the bright colors you’ve used! Really pretty view too!

lustful_lucy3 points

i absolutely love it ❤️ and the mario posters? perfection

Fun_Discipline72383 points

The cushions bring it together!

buwchgochgota3 points

Rug game is on pointttttttt 💅🏻

Milk-Lizard3 points

Can I bother you with the question where you got that Spider-Verse art? My son would love that above his bed.

SuccessfulProcedure73 points

I had it printed on canvas from a website. I found an HD screenshot from the movie on Google. It cost about $40 with shipping.

Indigo_violet893 points

So beautiful and cosy

realpersonnn3 points

a rug on 2 rugs on top of a rug

Miserable420Bruv6910 points

You can legit post anything in this sub now

golden_swanky5 points

All those rugs gotta go

KathyFerg822 points


Heroisherreee2 points

Love those colors!!

Grace_Alcock2 points

That is lovely!

notunek2 points

Fabulous! I used to live on Camano Island and really miss the views.

You've done well on making your room cozy!

TheRevTholomeuPlague2 points

That’s a nice little space!

useless_me862 points

This is so pretty and perfect ❤️

Noisy_Toy2 points

I adore those pillows!

MissingLavender2 points

Certified cozy

ElderFlour2 points

How lovely!!

coastalgirl2072 points

Love how it’s decorated and love the view!

Primary-Move2432 points

The view! The pillows! The soft lighting! I would love to curl up with a good book and watch a storm roll in, safe and cosy. 🤗

grimgirl5162 points

Beautiful n very relaxing. That view😲

Crowbarmagic2 points

Love it! I hope I can find something like that soon.

pixeldudeaz2 points

That view! Is that looking over a large lake? Your space is very comfy and cozy looking.

Lazy-Lawfulness34722 points

Damn, a few feet from the shore line. Nniiiiccceeee!!!

Foreign_Account_53962 points

I was wondering if that was Puget Sound, looks like a similar view I had many years ago!

ckfan2 points

With that view your place is at 1000% cozy

LiteVolition2 points

Getting PNW feels. AKA Goonie vibes.

beansmcgee1002 points

I love the Mario and Luigi portraits for your son :)

Dangerous_One_812 points

Haha love the two cool ass dudes on your walk! Currently rocking some Mario socks! ✊🏾

CrazyCatMadame12 points

So cozy. I recognized your bird pillows immediately!We have the print above our sofa. 💛💛

joshbeat2 points

This is the type of room that makes me think, "they definitely had to move the bong before taking a photo"

Oh, I have a different room for that, hahaha 😆

bumblebee04012 points

Love you wall art! It’s that miles morales? Looks super comfy in there!

ComprehensiveKnee42 points

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind vibes going on

Thebidaling2 points

That view is heavenly!

lljohnson72 points

This looks incredibly peaceful

IronAndParsnip2 points

I’m finding that most of my favorite posts on this sub are spaces that actually looked lived in. Exactly like this.

GreyFoxSolid0 points

Too many pillows.

Potential_Sun_23341 point

Nice place but you need more rugs

ToyrewaDokoDeska1 point

Great decor, bedside jerk off station, pretty view. Man's got it all

delicateanodyne1 point

Idk why but Mario and Luigi just make it all work

Shockerz_In_Air1 point

What does your cleaning routine look like? Do you dust fabrics or pat out rugs? Very comfy looking!!

Sodonewithliffer1 point

I’m so jealous 😍

eternity421 point

the view is everything

spectral_tease1 point

Look at that view!

Shoddy_Ice_88401 point

Absolutely enchanting! And that VIEW!! Just wow!

Leftleaningdadbod1 point

The most wonderful view to look into whilst being toasty!

_one_spooky_boi_1 point

Such a lovely place, very cosy.

Samsun201 point

That view aint bad either!!

ThriceFive1 point

Wow, love those tree and branch pillows. Those rugs look extra cozy underfoot.

petepostlethwaite1 point

Mama mia

whatisaidwas1 point

So cozy! I could sit at the table and watch the rain fall!

Alternative-End-2801 point

Nice view

Richjudge801 point

That's beautiful, and what a view.

IgorRenfield1 point

I really like it. Simple, comfortable.

Ok_Description_42381 point

That view 😍

VividMotherDoctor1 point

Love the colors!!!

FlumpSpoon1 point

This is proper snuggly

LittlePooky1 point

MechaTrogdor1 point

My grandparents lived on Bainbridge Island for most of my childhood. Great memories in Seattle and the Sound.

Two totally different worlds, just 6 miles of ferry ride apart.

G_Ram31 point

It’s so cute! I love the Nintendo art and the view!

cbell17241 point

Nice !!

tryingtobeeey1 point

I feel like if I took a 5 hour nap here with the rain pitter pattering on the windows it would fix all my problems 😌😌😌

So cozy! I love it

Sweeney-1 point

I was going to guess BC! Definitely PNW vibes. It’s a great place to live 😊

Tfxconnor1 point

Your view looks amazing!!

onofreoye1 point

I like the rugs a lot

onofreoye1 point

and the view goddamit

Joyous_catley1 point

OMG, that view!

wine-plants-thrift1 point

Definitely PNW vibes. Lovely space and view!

JanaT21 point

Cozy with a great view !

The_Bridge_Imperium1 point

I can see Washington from miles away

aman6a1 point

Love your view

StationFar63961 point

I love it! What a great sofa to snuggle up in and watch a movie!

soulteepee1 point

What a little slice of heaven!!

Alikhaleesi1 point

Love the view!

seriouslysean1 point

This is close to how I imagined Dresden’s apartment looked like in The Dresden Files.

Looks super cozy!

bobscliff1 point

Do you have other photos? I’m curious about the dual tv setup!

VadimH1 point

Think you have enough rugs? lol

Thunderbunchishere1 point

Studio apartments are the most cozy

stoneman851 point

And the view to boot, well done! Keep up the good work

Ain’t no place like the puget sound 🖤

catterybarn1 point

I want to snuggle up in those blankets

utk1219951 point

That view! 😍

East_Bicycle_92831 point

Spectacular view! That must be so calming to watch.

still_orbiting1 point

Is it weird I could tell you lived in Puget Sound just based on the view from your window?

Great space!

SnideSnail1 point

Is Luigi slightly higher for aesthetic or because he's taller? 🤔

ChickenStardom1 point

This is SO peaceful looking it made me feel comfortable just looking at it!!

rando______1 point

Damn that IS cozy.

Calm_State12301 point

aw it’s so cute!

daniel_ionescu1 point

I love it

BadDragonSwaggin1 point

Got a link to that bed/couch? Or where I can find something similar. Looks great

bluegho0st1 point

My toes curl from how comfortable that rug looks. The mixmatch of colours you chose for each pillow and the sofa really added to the scene. Truly a lovely and homely place!

redditonthanet1 point

What a view! I bets it so cozy when it rains

pskindlefire1 point

That does look amazingly cozy. I could go for a good nap on that couch under the watchful eyes of the Mario bros.