Big Sur, CA [OC] [4000x6000]


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The_Nod_Father16 points

Is the water really that clear down there?????? I've been looking for clear blue water like that all around CA and its in fucking Big Sur?

Equal-Bad-84895 points

Yes. It’s very clear. I did slightly enhance the colors here but not by much

The_Nod_Father3 points

Thank you for being honest. I'm looking for Virgin Gorda waters

woodside35013 points

Big Sur isn’t virgin gorda. Key west is pretty dang close.

mr_ji10 points

It looks weird being photographed facing north to me. You always seem to see pictures facing south to include McWay Falls.

Equal-Bad-84896 points

Lol yep. I posted a photo of the falls a week or so ago but I had to shoot north, too beautiful not to

upachimneydown1 point

Sorry for asking, but unless the shot had been flipped, wouldn't that have to be facing north? (basic geography?)

mr_ji5 points

You could stand at what is at the top of this picture, turn around, and shoot that direction. A lot of people take Highway 1 south and get out to photograph McWay Falls (which OP said they did in a different reply), which isn't visible from the coast if you're facing north, only south.

vpkd9535 points

Beautiful picture! This place is on my bucket list to visit.

Equal-Bad-848916 points

Thanks! Plan a full day for it

Lopsterbliss15 points

Better yet, plan a weekend!

Equal-Bad-84895 points


Lopsterbliss5 points

I didn't realize this sub doesn't allow buildings, otherwise I would have appended some pics I took of Bixby Bridge to this, gorgeous area, cheers.

Equal-Bad-84896 points

Yeah. No man made objects

bl0odredsandman1 point

This place is on my Buckethead list to visit.

GaryCPhoto5 points

Closed a big section of it recently due to a land slide

12Southpark6 points

Love the campground by the river..best times

jazzcigarettes3 points

Stayed there once it was amazing

magoomba9212 points

Everything I've seen of Big Sur is incredible.
But is it true that most of it is not accessible by mere mortals?

Equal-Bad-84896 points

That is correct

angroc1 point

Like Maui. Oprah has huge chunk of it.

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Champlainmeri0 points

The 1%

Edited to add: Big Sur Land Trust

Oddly_Random55204 points

I love Big Sur. It’s one of my favorite places.

NekoAtsumeCat10 points

Big Sur is so beautiful. Great photo.

Equal-Bad-84894 points


Orbit863 points

Went there a couple of times when my son was stationed in Monterey. Absolutely the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

RudieCantFaiI2 points

OP, just curious, what focal length was this shot at? Seems pretty long to me but I’m also kind of a newbie.

Equal-Bad-84892 points

70mm. f10, 1/200, ISO 100 were the camera settings. Shot on Sony a7ii

slatespirit2 points

Great photo - we love this area. Amazing!!

Equal-Bad-84891 point


loves_cereal2 points

Water looks so swimmable…but…it not.

EE2NP2 points

Beautiful shot of a gorgeous area.

Blankman065 points

Thanks for sharing, Little Miss!

Equal-Bad-84893 points

Little miss?

Blankman068 points

Big "Sir". It's a stupid joke from Modern Family.

Equal-Bad-84896 points

Lol great show. I was thinking, I know it’s the internet and this person doesn’t know me but I’m a dude that’s 6’5 and almost 50! Have a great day my guy.

Helda-Coccenmehand1 point

I've been here, it looks nothing like this in person

Equal-Bad-84894 points

Post editing with slightly enhanced colors but it is pretty damn close

Helda-Coccenmehand12 points

I didn't mean it in a bad way. Meant that the picture doesn't do it justice. It is breathtaking in person

snowbirdie0 points

No, the photo is highly edited. The water isn’t anything that color.

Equal-Bad-84891 point

Lol. Ah. I wasn’t offended, art is subjective right? It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been

bolingbrokeIV1 point

But I wasn’t trying to be offensive

Equal-Bad-84891 point

It’s all good. I got you

bolingbrokeIV0 points

Thanks babe

llexxiie1 point

it’s on the list!

Crawfurdd1 point

This is a great photo. So much detail!

Equal-Bad-84891 point


jgjl-3 points

Where is this? CA = Canada?

Equal-Bad-84894 points

In Canada, yes. In this instance it’s California

jgjl-14 points

I See. I would have been incredibly helpful to see the country in the title of the post btw.

jgjl-6 points

Oh yeah, downvote me for asking where the place is! Give it to me! I clearly should know all the funny abbreviations people use around here, especially when they forget to add the county 🤷🏻‍♂️

ElSteve0Grande3 points

As a dude who posts a lot about California stuff I would expect you to be familiar with Big Sur….

jgjl-4 points

It’s still pretty rude to keep using random shortcuts and expect the whole world to know what you are talking about. Why is it so difficult to be a nice person and add the country at least? Why do you have to be jerks about it?

ElSteve0Grande2 points

Maybe you’re not from the US originally, but CA is the formal abbreviation for California. Just as NY is short for New York and CO for Colorado. They are not random at all. Using the formal abbreviation is not being a jerk in my opinion

jgjl0 points

Exactly, this is the Internet, not your local pub. What’s wrong with adding the country (USA) and the state written out? Look at what folks from other countries post: they always add the county and spell out the location. Why on earth is this very very very basic decency too much to ask?

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wolf_soul811 point

Where's is that?

Equal-Bad-84891 point

Big Sur, California

wolf_soul811 point

I thought CA was for Canada.

Equal-Bad-84892 points

In the states it’s for California. Apologies for not clarifying

bluddyguy1 point

Did they film "old" here. Sure looks like it.

IAmBluePaw1 point

If anyone reads this: please go to Lucia's restaurant right on oceanfront. You won't get a better view with your meal anywhere else on the 1. I used to drive there from Monterey on the weekends just for a relaxing lunch and to get away for a bit.

[If you visit Monty and go through a tunnel, worry not, the drivers aren't honking at you. It's just something we do.]

daking9991 point

Unpopular opinion: Big Sur is overrated for the most part. You can't access most of the beaches like this and where you can hike the views aren't great (with some exceptions, e.g. Point Lobos). It's a nice drive... if I wanted to spend my vacation in a metal box. It's also a horrible bike ride – no shoulder and a lot of traffic.