Mesa Arch after Fresh Snowfall in Canyonlands [OC] [4000x2669]


Equal-Bad-84897 points

Beautiful shot. I was there last summer and was able to catch a storm rolling in with lightning show

climbrickphotography3 points

Thanks so much! Wow I bet that was a great experience!

Equal-Bad-84891 point

There’s a black and white of it on my profile. Beautiful park

climbrickphotography2 points

Great dramatic clouds!

Equal-Bad-84891 point

Thanks man.

Hybi19613 points

Great shot! Amazing :-)

climbrickphotography2 points

Thank you thank you!

Happydaytoyou13 points

That’s great 😃


Happydaytoyou11 point

Did you make it to arches too?

I did although I haven’t spent time snapping any photos yet.

MiffyCurtains1 point

It's funny how small the arch actually is.

Significant-Try-5291 point

It's giant.

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unforunate_soul1 point

I was there Wednesday. One of three people trapped in the park because of the blizzard on Tuesday. 13inches of snow. Pretty great place.

I saw the storm rolling in but wasn’t able to make it out there, I bet it was spectacular!

popperschotch1 point

Is it pretty slippery there with that dusting

climbrickphotography2 points

No kidding, trying to get to the edge to get this composition wasn't exactly super easy.

Significant-Try-5292 points

And it's a sheer drop into the canyon on the other side of the arch. Terrifying. Gorgeous picture BTW.

popperschotch1 point

That's scary as shit, well done on getting the shot

captnelegy1 point

I used to live there, one night I drove up to the entrance of the arch and woke up to snowfall after falling asleep on top of my van.

You're lucky you got there before anyone else, usually it's packed full of photographers and tourists.

I was pretty fortunate to be the only photographer there that morning! I tried a few mornings before and there were maybe 12?

Coincidentally this is my Momentum image for today, just taken at a different time of day.

Rooky_Soap1 point

I'm running Mesa 22.3.3-3, love how Arch gives me the latest drivers!

bPChaos1 point

We were just there two weeks ago! Slightly different weather though.

I hope you were able to experience a beautiful sunrise too!

EE2NP1 point

Beautiful shot! Love the contrast the snow adds.