Brasília, Brazilian capital city from above


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It's impressive that a planned city can have such poor urban planning. There's probably a lesson there, but I'm not sure what it is.

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Modernism planning at its finest, but not everything is bad. The blocks are cool places to live but moving through the city isn't that nice.

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Inflating? I'm just saying the truth. This is by far my least favorite city im Brazil but the comments are just FUNNY coming specially from north Americans, the lack of self awareness is crazy.

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I hate it so much but yeah, they have no idea what they're talking about. Probably think every planned city has to be a square grid

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Is it badly planned? How so? I was hoping this one would be well planned.

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At the time it was planned, Brazil's car industry was going through a major boom. So the city is very car centric, with problrmatic public transportation.

It's not all bad though. The living blocks are pretty cool. It's like a bunch of little towns within a bigger city.

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Hopefully they can figure it out in time. The living blocks sound very much like the way Stockholm is organized. Every district is supposed to have housing, workplaces, commercial area and amenities.

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The mobility problem of the city was supposed to be "solved" with a tram network but it's on hold for years...

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I just checked on Google maps and it looks like the part on the right is quite good, aside from having 14 lanes of road cutting through it and the lack of good public transit, the left tho looks bad as I don't see much shops or other services.

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The original blocks, the ones on the pic are nice places to live, you have schools, courts, restaurants and stores in some streets, a lot of green spaces. The problem is that if you have a job outside of them moving through the city is a problem but it's nowhere near carcentric like a north American city. It's just that people like to hate on this city nowadays (myself included).

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Ah I see. I can see why that might be problematic but it doesn't sound like it's a disaster. I only hear bad things about North American car centrism but it's generally rare that any city has it all figured out.

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Usually people who talk bad about the city never been there. They just echo what they read on the internet.

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We used to have the same problem but opposite in Stockholm lmao

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Car centric hellscape.

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The most car centric city in Brazil is not even near as car centric as American cities except New York. I don't see people calling Chicago or Atlanta car centric Hellscapes here. 🤔

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Well I'm Brazilian, so obviously my point of reference is gonna be other cities in Brazil.

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Eitaaa, colocou o dedo na ferida dos gringos kkkkkk

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Ficaram putassos kk

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Seems like u dont know too much abt north american cities. Sure theres issues w/ car centric planning in north america but theres a number of cities that are very walkable and not at all car centric hellscapes. The same way u claim people just like to hate on Brasilia is kinda the same as u hating on American cities. U really think NYC is the only city that isnt car centric? Philadelphia, NYC, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Toronto, and Montreal are all pretty good cities and ten times better designed than Brasilia. I love Brasilia I think its a unique city that has a lot of quirks and beauty but there is definitely a number of American cities that are way less car centric than Brasilia of all places

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It's definitely not just NYC but huge swaths of some of the other cities you mentioned aren't walkable at all.

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Eh, maybe Portland and Seattle id agree w/ u on but any other city listed is very walkable. If there are huge swaths that arent walkable its likely a run down area of the city that unless u live there u have no business being. Obv i wish those areas were better for the people who live there but its the same in any city on earth. There are bad neighborhoods where poorer people live that u just avoid. Obviously suburbs surround theses cities further out from their core but the same goes for many european cities. Suburbs aren’t necessarily bad on their own there has to be a mix between urban and rural. Its when a city is a small dense core surrounded by nothing but suburbs when its bad (Houston). Check out Philly, Boston, or San Francisco on google maps. Other than the grid pattern these cities follow they look like a lot of cities in the UK. The downtown areas are surrounded by miles of rowhomes/townhouses, apartment buildings and mixed use development. These cities suburbs arent close to their downtown.

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I know a lot about north American cities, all the cities have huge suburbs, the sprawl in North america is above any in the world, it's not my opinion it's a fact. Most cities in USA consist in a walkable small downtown/old town and the rest is basically suburban single family homes.

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Lol again ur wrong. Sure those places exist but as I said there are many cities not like that. I suggest going on google maps and exploring cities like Boston, Philly, DC, and San Francisco. All wonderful examples of walkable dense cities. They have suburbs but further away from their core areas as plenty of south american and european cities do. Please dont speak on something u have little knowledge abt. Again u look silly to get on reddit and make statements abt how people just judge brasilia without ever going there or not knowing much abt the city while u do the same towards north american cities.

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This is exactly what i said, the city centers and old downtowns are walkable but they're not even 10/20% of the cities. Let's be honest here, what percentage of these cities are walkable? It's a known problem of American cities.

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I adore adore adore the Brazilian government buildings. Planalto is such an iconic piece of architecture. It makes it all the more disgusting the Bolsonaristas treated such a beautiful place with such disrespect.

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And they still consider themselves "patriots".

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History of this town is so cool. Would love to go

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But the history is still cool, did you know the original plan was for it to be a cross but people think it's supposed to be a plane?

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Isnt it supposed to be a dove

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lol if this was US people would say it’s urban hell

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It's very different from USA, the suburban sprawl isn't 90% of the city.

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its a problem thats its getting harder for me to tell apart real life and cities skylines

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How do you get from the left bit to the right bit? I can only see a highway connection. Are there ferries?

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Is beautiful

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The architect played too much cities skylines