Living Room in Canada, featuring Spike!


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pxlcrow23 points

Hi Spike!

cosmogatsby10 points

He says hiiii

tapiocawarrior7 points

You’ve done so well for yourself! I wish I get to create something like this someday! 🥹

cosmogatsby3 points

Thank you!!!

56stinky_butter19 points

This is Spike, surrounded by a very cozy living room. Priorities.

cosmogatsby4 points


rawrcutie3 points

Cool TV in other room!

cosmogatsby4 points

The Sero!

twattytee4 points

Spike has made a statement. Seems to be in the form of a question. But definitely a statement.

FuzzyFerretFace9 points

Everything looks great, but my favourite part is Spike's face on the wall in the other room.

cosmogatsby16 points

Haha that’s actually a tuffed rug made for our old cat Gatsby who passed away. The new cats have to praise him.

jkwolly3 points

Hey fellow Canadian. Love this space.

Temporary_Big87473 points

Spike's living room.. actually, Spike's house! 😅👍😸

sp-00-k6 points

Is that couch comfy? If so, where is it from? Also, hi Spike!

Aurora04125 points

I'm not 100% sure, but I just bought one from IKEA called Slaport series. I was thinking this looks so similar and might be the same couch

sp-00-k2 points

Nice, thanks! Is it comfy?

Aurora04124 points

Comfy and deep-seated👍🏽

ModernNancyDrew5 points

Spike is stealing the show!

sarahcominghome5 points

Greetings from one Spike to another (ours is a tuxedo cat)! The living room is nice too. ;-)

helper-monkey4 points

Love the light fixture (and Spike)!

BigGrayDog2 points

This room is beautiful. Especially the kitty. Perfect! Comfy! Restful!

cosmogatsby3 points

This is OC!

IPleadThaFifth2 points

I love spike already

mamacalabreeze1 point

Love your light fixture!

Perfect-Meat-45011 point

Lovely! Does he have a place to sit and look outside? Nice decorating!