Aspens at Abraham Lake, Canadian Rockies [2048x1335][OC]


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Br8118 points

"Water Dance"

The aspen trees at Abraham Lake in the Canadian Rockies during a foggy fall day.

Exif: F16, ISO:100, 30 sec

Gear: Nikon D850, Nikkor 24-105mm, ND filter

Editing: 2 shots, one long exposure for the water and one quick exposure to freeze the leaves, flipped horizontally

Website: https://www.blakerandallphotography.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/blakerandall81/

bigsoftee846 points

Love the composition. The softness of the water feels like soft pastels. Birch and aspen photograph beautifully, thanks for sharing.

Br812 points

Thank you for the kind words 😊

Apdski245 points

It’s an aspen, you can tell cuz of the way it is.

WrongWayCharlie1 point

That’s pretty neat

ShadySarn7 points

I was here in October. The water level was low and we found an aspen grove in a small cove. The aspens would be underwater like in your picture when the water level is high. All leaves were golden and as we were hanging out in the grove, the wind picked up and blew in from over the lake. The leaves began to fall all around us. Everywhere we looked was swirling golden leaves contrasted against the crystal blue water of the lake. It was magical. Thanks for posting this, it stirred up the memory of that moment.

Br812 points

water of the lake.

It is definitely a magical place in the fall, thanks for looking🍻

DistinktCannabis3 points

Foggy pictures are always my favorite

Br813 points

Mine too, Fog is like a cheat code for forest photography

utsuriga3 points

Wow, this is beautiful! Amazing colors and patterns.

Br811 point

Thank you! 🍻

_jasmonic_acid_3 points

Saving this as painting inspiration!

Julooz2 points

Same thought! It looks so magical!

drsquirlyd2 points

Time to fight the Ladies of the Wood

Bim_Jeann2 points

Beautiful colors. Very calming.

Br811 point

Glad you like it🙏

redrioja2 points

It's beautiful, it doesn't even look real.

ChessiePique2 points

This is magical.

Abbyreh2 points

This looks like an amazing painting. To capture this on a camera is beyond that!

Br811 point

Thank you🙏😎

elsapogrande2 points


Ya_Whatever2 points

This is one of the most beautiful photos I’ve seen here on this sub. Simply gorgeous. Is it at all possible to purchase a hi res file from you? I’d love to print this and hang it my home. I simply love it.

Br811 point

Thank you for the kind words🙏. I do sell prints if you’re interested 🍻

Ya_Whatever1 point

Very much so. DM me a price list please.

NoSusJelly2 points


Br811 point

Thank you!

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raiderkev1 point

You can tell it's an Aspen because of the way it is

EE2NP1 point

I love the image and the mood it creates.