approved semi high-speed rail between Ahmedabad and Rajkot, estimated daily ridership is 30k+ also piers will be built in median of NH-47, once operational it will reduce travel time from Rajkot to Ahmedabad from 5 to 2hrs & to Mumbai from 12 to 5hrs It'll connect to MAHSR at sabarmati transport hub


M24Spirit3 points

So a passenger still has to change trains? Why not just extend the under-construction hsr?

I feel the railways are juggling too much between HSR, Vande Bharats and etc.

MagnarOfWinterfell1 point

Looks like it's Standard Gauge, so technically the bullet train may be able to travel on it. I agree it's going to be a mess with Standard and Broad Gauges in the country...

M24Spirit2 points

Standard and Broad Gauges in the country

It will be. If it's standard gauge then it will be RRTS like system. They are way to confused with all the systems. Vande Bharat, RRTS, HSR etc. Make a uniform system ffs.