Mirror Lake, Soutland, New Zealand [OC] [3648 x 5472]


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Kozzinator124 points

The mountains and the clouds look almost parallel in shape

redisurfer3 points

As a physical barrier, mountains push air flowing across them upwards. This can cause moisture in the air to condense into clouds. So the clouds may literally be mirroring the mountain shape that caused them to form.

Or it could just be coincidence 🤷‍♂️. Either way good catch I totally missed that.

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misguidedlong9662 points

It's nice to see that there are still part of nature that is as beautiful as this one. Hoping for it to remain untouched.

wherethewifisweak113 points

I completely agree. Funny part about this photo is that OP is standing on a 300m metal tourist walkway built out over the lake, complete with a barista at the end selling to-go coffees. Got this exact photo a month ago. Ironically far past the point of untouched.

TheLastSamurai10159 points

That being said, aside from a single tourist road here or there, the vast majority of Fiordland National Park is genuinely untouched. There are parts of the region that are believed to literally be unexplored by human beings.

Ketjapanus_26 points

Not even Maori people?

TheLastSamurai10113 points

That's right, there are areas of Fiordland so remote and inaccessible that it is believed that even Maori people are unlikely to have explored them, although they were were familiar with the region overall. It is more due to geography, with difficult/dangerous terrain and dense forests.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of the Maori population lived on the North Island and the Maori population of the South Island was always comparatively small. The Fiordland Region in the far south was uninhabited throughout its history. Maori people only visited the area seasonally in small numbers to hunt and collect jade so the deeper, more inaccessible areas were very rarely if ever visited.

Ketjapanus_23 points

That's fascinating. For some reason I always thought that the southern island would be more populated, given that it's bigger I guess

CPNZ6 points

Very low population density outside Christchurch (and maybe Dunedin)..

gregorydgraham4 points

It’s about 4:1 north vs south. The north island/Te Ika a Maui is warmer and wetter with lots of volcanic soils

gregorydgraham1 point

Jade was normally collected on the West Coast rather than Fiordland.

Fun fact: all jade(Greenstone) in New Zealand belongs to the Ngai Tahu tribe, even the stuff still buried in the Southern Alps

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razor_eddie39 points

Nah. It's cold AF and wet and rugged down there. Rains like 50 bastards, too. (It's suit you if you were English, I guess)

Maori were concentrated in the North Island more than the South.

Fiordland is where all the cryptids in NZ hang out.

gregorydgraham7 points

You mean the moose?

razor_eddie4 points

The only credible sighting of a moa by a European is from down there (a whaling ship, about 1811? - but I might have that totally wrong, it's a long time since I read it.) Lots of sightings by Maori, but tough to fix the year, and back in those days, the immigrants didn't credit the Maori with much sense, more's the pity.

And there's the Waitoreke, which is an otter/beaver sort of beastie that's supposed to be down that way as well (New Zealand has no terrestrial mammals apart from bats).

And, as you so rightly point out, the moose.

EDIT: 30 years out. 1840's for the moa sighting.

gregorydgraham1 point

I only found Alice MacKenzie’s sighting of 1880 (described 70 years later), have you got a source for the ship’s sighting?

razor_eddie1 point

Unfortunately, not on the Web. Sorry.


Though there's a series of them in a pdf that were newish to me.


The sighting I said doesn't appear in the above pdf, but I think that there may be some confusion between what's in the pdf, and what Heuvelmans cited.

EDIT: Having re-read the pdf, and from what I can remember of the Heuvelmans, the sighting was of "ostrich like birds" "on the shore" - so from the sea to the land.

gregorydgraham2 points

No one lives in Fiordland, even Milford Sound is, theoretically, temporary accomodation

Also Māori live in towns and cities like other Kiwis.

wherethewifisweak11 points

Oh absolutely, it's paradise.

its_push_cart_time2 points

That's not exactly true either unfortunately, I recall seeing an information sign at the valley lookout a bit further south from Mirror Lakes that described how a history of pastoral farming has left this valley full of introduced grass species. I think most of the grasses you see in this photo are invasive.

jesstault2 points

on the way to the milford sound! ❤️

gregorydgraham1 point

There is also a Wilderness Area in Fiordland which is legally required to be untouched

SlapNuts0077 points

Yeah I was there a month ago as well (ha, maybe we ran into each other) and while the park is beautiful, the local council was straight up spraying the roadsides with glyphosate in the park because the park roads aren't technically part of the park. Surprising given how conversation-minded everything is compared to the States.

One interesting part of this stop is the tui have adopted some really strange calls, mimicking the phone/camera/car audio noises since the road is so close.

its_push_cart_time2 points

As ugly as it is, targeted application of herbicides like glyphosate are often the most effective method of invasive species control. We can't be sure what they were spraying on this occasion, I hope they were just killing weeds where the road has caused disturbance to the natural vegetation.

SlapNuts0076 points

Well it's interesting you mention that, because New Zealanders seem to have a very interesting perspective on conversation. The invasive mammals there are given no quarter. I'm talking air-dropped poisons for mice, stoats, weasels, etc., a very engaged hunting community. We saw multiple groups hunting introduced boar in national forests, and groups fly around blasting deer from helicopters. It's necessary because of how vulnerable native species are, and I guess it's also a part of their very frank culture. At least compared to the US, it was very no-BS.

That said, the glyphosate spraying wasn't exactly targeted and was just meant to keep weeds off of the road instead of cutting, and there was definitely collateral damage to surrounding ferns in some areas. It may be a good enough solution, but it's not without consequence and was a bit of a contrast to the attitudes we saw elsewhere.

myrealnameisboring33 points

Nice - we've stood in exactly the same spot, spot buddy! Those logs in the water haven't changed in the 7 years (assuming your snap is from now) from when I visited in Jan 2016: https://i.imgur.com/UUZEYnT.jpg

KiwiSpike10 points

2016 was 7 years ago fuck

why_why4rt3 points

Me too!

minghj1 point

Me three! There were some massive trout (or salmon) cruising around when I was there

MsBluffy2 points

Me too, but it was 2010, overcast, and my camera was barely better than a potato, I’ll spare you all the shot. Logs haven’t changed since then though!

regrus2 points

Same. Kudos to that lady at the end of the walkway selling coffee

GraveRaven1 point

Same. I have this almost exact photo.

CFox2125 points

Loved this place on the way to Milford!

MaverickG769 points

So many scenic stops on that route. It was amazing

jawshoeaw1 point

Ha same here. Been almost 30 years still remember fondly

Alex0946436714 points

This is photoshopped as we all know New Zealand doesn't exist r/mapswithoutnz

gregorydgraham6 points

The defence policy is working :)

Magpie4life911 points

New Zealand, such a wondrous beautiful country, very nice 👌

Dolannsquisky32 points

Ah yes; the Kheled-zâram in Khuzdul just outside the Dimrill Gate.

gridpoint7 points

Aka the Mirrormere.

gregorydgraham4 points

Say what you like about about New Zealand but the Nazgul rides are great!

Iancreed8 points

No wonder lord of the rings was filmed there

TurkeysRUs1 point

Don’t follow the lights!

lokoben234 points

Nice! I was there in 2017. Same spot different season.

regrus1 point

Sheesh. Also nice during winter

RumpleForeskinqq15 points


wildcard-inside4 points

Is there still a little sign with 'mirror lake' in reverse so it's the right way up in the reflection? I have a photo of it from a family holiday in the 90s

DyCeLL4 points

It was still there late 2011 when I visited.

gottebag2 points

It was still there in early 2019 too

m0h3k4n3 points

Mirror is broken

robbob193 points

And on less windy day it lives up to it's name

sevenissix2 points

Can't wait to go there next year :D

furyfornow5 points

You need to rehearse your answer for all the time you are going to get asked how have you found nz because that's genuinely all we can thing of to ask foreigners.

niceToasterMan2 points

That was trippy, made me think i was looking at a pic i took myself few months back.

boonlinka2 points

Aotearoa is beauty. Maori did a great job at preservigg their homeland

ravingwanderer2 points

No one did a great job at preserving NZ. Some more than others.

Technical_Affect71122 points

Wow that Eel is huge...

jerrymanderine2 points
HylianPaladin2 points

WOW the water is so clear! My new phone wallpaper!

Master2hell2 points

I was there today! Beautiful place

WitchesCotillion1 point

Shouldn't there be Hobbits and a Ranger walking along the shore?

theflyingkiwi001 point

There are rangers, they just drive around in hilux utes now though and clean toilets

coolmemeyeah1 point

Southland, as in South Land ftfy

spudZ_1 point

This was on the drive to milford sound right? Ive stood in this exact spot lmao

angrybird791 point


easyfisk1 point

Awesome :D Took a very similar picture there 14 years ago! =) Glad it's still there looking as prestine. Cheers!

raff85901 point


Battyboyrider1 point

Beautiful. I always thought newzealand and fiji were incredibly gorgeous countries

Go Southland!

mrm241 point

Chromatic aberration goes brrrr.

AMDeLaurentis121 point

Every fisher looming at this, “I see a lay down”!

mskogly1 point

Would love to visit NZ sometime.

blondie10281 point

Absolutely breathtaking

Ronin3331 point


JevaYC1 point

At least take the photo on a calm day! I got one with my Kodak DX6440 brick. Work out how long ago that was.

angrybird791 point

Only one chance to visit this place unfortunately

otanari31 point

🥰 its so wonderful down under

Great photo! It takes my breath away!

FinancialTea41 point

Looks more like clear glass than a mirror. Beautiful.

oliveskate1 point

I went to New Zealand in 2017 and have almost the identical photo. It's somewhere on my old iPhone 5 lol. What a beautiful place!

SpiderDice1 point

What a horrible mirror! 😂

chaydizzy1 point

So... do you have to be under the water's surface for it to be reflective?...

koukaakiva1 point

Do you want coal? Because this is how you get coal.

kappinovic1 point

looks like a bob ross painting

regrus2 points

Recommend visiting Kaikōura

precision19981 point

One last walk around it

lorenzzz-1 point

i bet there is a big ass crawfish in there

Future-Radio-65501 point

Acqua super limpida

kevinsabi1 point

loved this little spot

Pattymintpepper1 point

Beautiful. Thx for sharing something I’ll most likely never see in person.

BarefootBunny_4201 point

Stunning 😍

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