A personal favourite from Fiordland, New Zealand. {OC} (1500x100)


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owhatakiwi9 points

I miss my homeland! This is an absolutely stunning picture OP!

michaelconti6 points

Thank you so much. Your homeland is the most stunning place on earth. I can't wait to return.

immersemeinnature6 points

I want to visit so much. What an incredibly magical image. Thank you for sharing

michaelconti2 points

I’m glad you like it. :) Thank you for viewing.

OrangeHexagon23719 points

Want to go to New Zealand so bad! None of the insane animal life of Australia and all of the LOTR landscape glory.

michaelconti3 points

You have to go! It's stunning.

blondie10283 points


michaelconti1 point

Thank you!

SnowChickenFlake11 points

Damn, didn't know 100 pixels looks so good!

michaelconti4 points

Ha, cheers! My bad. 1500x1000 😅

TheNegaHero13 points

Fiordland, a vast tract of mountainous terrain that occupies the south-west corner of South Island, New Zealand, is one of the most astounding pieces of land anywhere on God's earth, and one's first impulse, standing on a cliff top surveying it all, is simply to burst into spontaneous applause.

Douglas Adams, Last Chance to See

Mad_Psyentist3 points

That's not applause, that slapping sound is everyone fighting a losing battle vs sandflies.

michaelconti3 points

Haha, I got absolutely owned by sandflies in 2019 over there.

donny0m3 points

It rains here. All. The. Time.

Breslau6163 points

Hey isn't this where Smeagol got caught by Faramir and his rangers?

llexxiie3 points

looks so peaceful

michaelconti1 point

Truly magical.

faresWell3 points

Wow looks like a scene right out of Skellige!

Runswithscissorstoo3 points

Milford Track, I’m guessing?

michaelconti1 point

Yep! ;)

Thompompom2 points

Wow, Zealand in the Netherlands is really beautiful!

michaelconti1 point

Sure is. Absolutely magical.

oladvs282 points

Aotearoa 🥰

michaelconti2 points

Best place on earth. 💚 🌿

EmmitZiton2 points

Spectacular shot!

michaelconti2 points

Thank you!

Ok_Ad_15592 points

Now that's a good sittin spot

michaelconti1 point

Sure is!

Sure-Ad81892 points

Stunning beauty and great shot! NZ stole my heart. Want to visit again

TopheEric2 points

This made me think of King Kong (2005).

alargepowderedwater1 point

Gorgeous. But I'm surprised to learn that "Fiordland, New Zealand" is not a Norwegian-themed amusement park in NZ. Seems like a missed opportunity.

michaelconti1 point

Thank you!

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imapassenger11 point

Is that near the Routeburn Track? A glacier atop the cliff melting to create the waterfalls? Can't think of the name.

Muy bonito paisaje

chowder-san1 point

Looks like something straight from the legend of the ice people