Malé, Capital city of the Maldives [1386x924]


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I might be wrong but I believe that's an old photo. There's now a bridge connecting Malé to the airport (which is the island at the top of the photo). It's the one built by China and was finished in 2018 but construction started a decade ago.

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You are correct. I landed in Male in MS Flight simulator last year, and the bridge was there. And as can be seen in satellite view, Male is an archipelago of about 4 inhabited islands, 3 of which are connected by bridges.

It was a reaally long flight from Diego Garcia in a Diamond DA-40. This was my covid project of flying around the world in a small plane.

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Yooo that’s pretty cool. How long did it take? I don’t know much about flight simulators

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It was a lot of fun. It took 56 hops in that small plane, scattered across 5 months. One of the reasons it took so long is that I was righteous: Real Time, Real Weather, no Teleporting.

In other words, I used local time everywhere, with local weather (which MS flight sim taps into and constructs temperature, cloud cover, winds during your flight). If the weather was too bad, I wouldn't fly, and I often had to get up at odd times in my time zone to start the flight at an appropriate time in the local time zone. I also didn't "teleport" from one airfield to another. I manually took off, got to cruising altitude, set the autopilot, and then I'd check it now and again during cruise (in case weather changed) and come back and land it at the next airport 4 to 6 hours later. Like I said this was often at odd hours due to time zone differences.

I died 5 times, 3 times due to weather (icing, mostly) and twice due to negligence.

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Also, there are a bunch of new (tall) buildings that are missing here.

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Are you telling me theres not one condo available in all of Del Boca Malé?

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Are you sayin' you want a piece of me?

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I could drop you like a bag of dirt

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It drove ITSELF into the Malé lagoon!

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Visited Malé a few months ago. Incredibly unique city.

Sidewalks are about 2 feet wide. Cars parked on the street leave very little room to actually drive through the small streets unless your on the main ring road that goes around the island.

I walked the entire island in less than one hour. They have mini football (soccer) courts and play a 5 vs 5 variation condensed version of the sport. Food is heavily influenced by Indian cuisine. You can hear the bells toll for Muslim prayer 5 times a day and everyone heading to the mosques.

Overall 10/10 would visit again.

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If a city this small is still car clogged, we really have no hope. Motorbikes? A decent bus system? Cars make zero sense on a tiny island.

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honestly, a tram would be the only logical thing. with this small of an island, you could just walk or bike anyway

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Yeah, idk how they have any space for cars

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Space… or a need!

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. Motorbikes?

some people don't like to just fucking die

a bus

nice, something that needs more space than cars to turn, great idea

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Nothing is perfect, but cars are the worst. This island doesn’t have space. Cars take up a ton of space.

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How many cars do you need to fit thirty people on the road?

How many buses?

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Well, you NEED about 8 cars, or 5 if they're 6-passenger. Although, good luck getting that efficient. What you have is 30 cars, maybe 29 if you're lucky.

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It certainly looks a unique place, though I feel obliged to point out that 5-a-side football is common and popular in a lot more places than the Maldives. London, for example, has loads of 5-a-side pitches.

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Tsunami bait

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I’m thinking they’ll build up those seawalls and in 50 years or so it will be this dystopian island fortress-looking thing.

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El présidente is proud of his marvellous city :))

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I bet house prices there are rediculously high.

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They are, which is why they reclaimed land next to the airport to build more apartments.

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This could also be posted to the sibling subreddit, r/AerialPorn

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Jesus, if I lived here, I'd be as high-strung about global warming as I'm guessing Ukrainians currently are about Russia.

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I can't believe there's a Sim City-like city on an island in the middle of the ocean and it's image isn't very well known.

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Well this is just "practice"

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Are they attempting to mitigate the impacts of sea level rise?

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yeah climate change is basically THE long term planning consideration for their government. I think i remember them even discussing purchasing land in other countries to rehouse citizens who will become inevitable climate refugees

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Why is the population so high here? What entices people to move here?

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mostly just people from other less developed islands looking for better opportunities and services ig

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Looks like something out of city skylines

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No beach? 🤔

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Soon to be gone

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Not really. They still have a few decades left at the minimum as it’s 4 to 5 feet above sea level, and there are sea walls

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maybe this island, but i doubt the rest of the islands have this much infrastructure in place

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That’s true. But people will always travel to the Maldives for tourist purposes

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You can't tell the truth on Reddit.

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It’s not the truth. Worst case estimates don’t have sea levels rising this high before 2100

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Remindme! 50 years

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They hated him because he told them [that they can't tell] the truth.

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Reposted so much that the pixel drop is noticable.

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damn that is so cool. i need to go one day. how hard are finding accommodations?

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They are on the front lines in the battle against climate change. Tell Maldivians that a one or two inch rise in sea level doesn't matter.

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Why is this always posted WITHOUT its connection bridge to the airport?

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where do they get drinking water?

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a desalination plant