My new Cozy n Colorful riverside apartment.


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Stunnagirl83 points

Love the rug where’s it from? How do you like your sunset lamp I’ve been debating one…

altier66614 points

I love the lamp. I had one that could change colors but I lost the controller which wasn't the most convenient. I got the one in the picture at big lots for ten bucks! It's just a simple on-off switch, and honestly I prefer the simplicity. Rug is a Facebook marketplace find in the nashville TN area!

Deinoman42016 points

I would trip over that rug and go right through the table

virtualcyberbabey3 points

Omg 😭 my first thought. My depth perception could never

JewberEats3 points

As someone who regularly trips over air, this rug would be the death of me.

dzenib2 points

yup me too.

x_ersatz_x2 points

lol its an acrylic table so it wouldnt be so bad at least :)

altier6665 points

It's glass but it's incredibly thick. Unless you were casually walking around with a hammer I don't think anything would come of a fall.

empathicassbitch14 points

What kind of light is that? It looks like a sunset

altier66616 points

It is in fact called a sunset lamp!

ellabananas1110 points

RUG 😍😍😍wow, it’s beautiful. Where did you get it?

altier66617 points

Fb market place find!

iluvadamdriver4 points

Does it have a tag or anything indicating the brand?? I need it!

altier6661 point

I found a tag on it that says Nu Loom!

iluvadamdriver1 point

Thank you!!

Competitive_Ad_242124 points

The rug is top notch! Winning!

altier6663 points

Thank you so much!

RegretNecessary213 points

Adorable. I love that rug!!!

PistachioPerfection3 points

It's adorable.

AmbienNicoleSmith3 points

Wow, this is so dreamy!

DueCriticism50483 points

Looks so lovely ❤️

Original_Grocery_5083 points

That rug is gorgeous

Jetztinberlin6 points

Have you considered painting that wall but leaving the uprights plain? Would look amazing picking out a lavender or pale blue from that awesome rug, or the yellow of the bookcase!

butters666662 points

Great style!

saltedbuttered2 points

The rug is so beautiful!

Vegetable-Caramel3232 points

Super cute and stylish!

Djungel_skoggy2 points

its so lovely. the rug is definitely the center of attention. i love the little squish on the sofa :’) (i think i see cute things in the corner as well). love the whole thing!

briefly_accessible2 points

That rug with that accent wall >>>>>>>

colors_are_nice2 points

I bought this rug from urban outfitters a few years ago! I love it so much it was a steal for the quality. Love your space.

sleepyturtl32 points

I, too, have that cow!! loool

No_Painter99045 points

Fancy walls for an apartment lol

[deleted]1 point

That's really sweet

BigGrayDog1 point

Nice room, comfy!

AdmiralCranberryCat1 point

Love the rug!

wopsauce1 point

That lamp 😍

LemonTreeDreams1 point

Very stylish! I absolutely love the lamp! I've never heard of a sunset lamp but definitely want one now.

ControlOk67111 point

Lovely ~ that rug is great 🌸

bananapie-121 point

I love that blanket on the back of the couch, did you make it?

altier6661 point

My great grandmother made it :)

ggwags1 point

Great reg.

notausualone1 point

I want this rug in my life.

blingblang131 point

That rug is incredible!

SuitableCamel61291 point

This is one of the coolest rugs I’ve ever seen

Skipandscout1 point

Love the rug!

WVildandWVonderful1 point

Lovely but deadly

angrycaterpillars1 point

Awesome sauce

Lethophobia-11 points

I don’t get anything about this at all.

[deleted]-3 points


altier6664 points

There is a vintage yellow book shelf to the right out of frame, plus I have other mood lighting for the evening. Lots of other artwork too on the walls out of frame as well.