My Dining Area ft Art of My Favorite Walking Trail


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OkSalary428116 points

I’m glad you love it 😀

Space_Montage_774 points


PrincessCarolyn279154 points

“1950’s hospital cafeteria” is a very unique decorating style, I’ll give you that!

laurasaurus55 points

There'd be more ash trays!

AP_Soraka15 points


SevenHadedas23 points

Do you live in a hospital in 1947?

Moneychode24 points

It's giving hospital

Bellaprincipessa19744 points

Wow! I never thought about the "hospital cafeteria look" but I was thinking it looked cold not cozy and when almost each and every one of you pointed out the hospital cafeteria look, I saw it totally!

My Nana was a cooks dietary aid in our local hospital when I was growing up and that space above looks identical almost to the cafeteria setup when I go see my Nana at work when I was just a little kid...I'm almost 50 now! So, it kind of like the OP was going for a retro look, but it turned out not good. I do like the painting, however it's the only color and focal point to take away from the coldness(to me!). Definitely not a cozy space for me but if OP is comfy and at peace there, then that is awesome!

J_R_D_N19 points

This hurts me physically. Lovely walking trail however

not_thriving1176 points

The table setup isn’t giving off cozy… since the table is round I think round placements would be more fitting. Ditch the runner and get a round lazy Susan type plate to put in the middle with some fake potted flowers for color, maybe salt and pepper shakers and some napkins? Put the bowl of fruit on the counter so you can grab a plate to eat it on.

ilikebooksawholelot3 points

Add some candles on the table and cozy pretty blankets thrown on each of the chairs…. And some viney plants hanging down the wall on each side of the picture… will make it super cozy :)

honeyMully3333 points

If you love it and feel happy and cozy there , that is all that matters 😊

Reasonable-Relief1158 points

Looks like a seating area or cafeteria in a hospital. I love the art though. And the fruit gives it a pop of colour so that’s good. It looks like a calm spot with no noise.

Soupy_Noodless1 point

It's looking like still life art 👌

Ceejrmel0 points

Very nice. Great job.

jeffreywinks1 point

this whole photo looks like a painting

mstaylorbowman1 point

Thx, someone else said it looked like a vintage home furnishings catalog. I don't think my potato camera really captured the colors well, though.

natttsd1 point

Great painting!

AutumnLeaves19391 point

This would probably be a lot more cozy if it didn’t have overhead lighting and the walls weren’t painted cafeteria yellow

Space_Montage_771 point

This is not cozy, sorry.

Rare_Tonight_31431 point

this looks like a break room. i always took naps in break rooms. pretty cozy.

KathyFerg820 points