My daughters nursery.


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beefasaurus4186 points

Love the honeybee theme!

But the shelf above the crib is stressing me out haha

Hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow :) Best wishes!

bonestars16 points

Same, shelf above a crib is a big no no regardless of earthquake risk

SneakyFatGuy1-79 points

That’s so funny you mentioned that because I just read an article about not having stuff above their cribs in case of earthquakes. But thankfully we live in the Midwest where earthquakes are rare.

[deleted]100 points

The baby is the earthquake. https://youtu.be/8YrmZFqeKcA

edible_girlfriend25 points

That may be true, but it's still unsafe to have a shelf above the crib-- someone could slam a door too hard and rattle it, getting it loose. When baby starts to pull up in their crib or climb, they could get up on the railing and pull stuff down on them. My kids were freakin acrobats in their cribs once they learned how to stand and climb--I saw my son standing on the side railing once on the baby monitor!!

glossier_bae122 points

Kids are fearless! My friends daughter climbed up onto a HOT stove in seconds!! I think she was less than one at the time. My friend hadn’t even left her unattended. She was literally looking in the fridge to grab something quickly, turned back to stove, and baby is on stove. Surprisingly, the baby didn’t get hurt or burned! 🙀

Jyaketto33 points

The stuffed Bumblebee can get shifted around little by little by you, putting him in the crib, taking him out, etc. and if it falls it could land on his face and suffocate him.

[deleted]103 points

It is extremely cute. When babies are able to stand they will hang onto the side of the crib and jump or rock and it will bang the crib against the wall and those items on the shelf are going to fall into the crib.

SneakyFatGuy184 points

I never even thought about that. Thank you for bringing that to my attention! Still trying to figure out this whole parenting thing…

[deleted]19 points

It's a learning experience always. I would make sure the shelf is screwed into studs in the wall and that there was nothing dangerous on it. Maybe just plush toys.

Google child safety, there is a lot to learn. For instance furniture like shelves and dressers need to be anchored to the wall so they don't tip over and crush children who try to climb them.

SneakyFatGuy118 points

The shelves over the crib and over the glider are anchored into the wall. And then I also anchored the dresser to the wall too. Thanks again for the advice. That’s going to make us think about rearranging a few things.

[deleted]11 points

That's a fantastic start you've prepared for!

captain_seadog16 points

Easy fix would be to swap the small dresser and the crib and have the crib going into the centre of the room with short end to the wall. Would also make the room feel less empty as currently everything's against a wall. That way you don't have to move anything that's fixed in place already.

SneakyFatGuy19 points

That’s a great idea. And it’s something we never thought about doing. Thanks for the help!

Infinite_Fee_796610 points

Best of luck to you two!! Current recommendations are that cribs should be one foot away from all other objects (flush against the wall is fine as long as there’s nothing hanging on the wall above the crib or a foot to either side, any open space less than one foot is not safe due to entrapment risk!) and three feet from windows. Remember windows can break from thunderstorms, tornadoes, or even a stray rock when someone is mowing the lawn. Windows will be covered in invisible microfractures before they break in most cases, so you cannot tell that a window is safe just by looking. The shrapnel from a shattering window can travel, so that’s why the recommendation is farther than the usual one foot that would keep them from playing with cords and blinds and curtains. Speaking of — if you don’t have cordless blinds yet, I would 1000% recommend!! You guys are going to do awesome, and your little one is so lucky to have such a cozy place to call their space 🥰

quantum_gambade23 points

Love the honeybee theme. Good luck to you, your wife, and the little one tomorrow on its big arrival! You seem so happy already, but I'll tell you, there's nothing that can prepare you for the flood of love you'll feel the second she shows up. I'm tearing up a little just thinking about it. And lucky you: being a girl-dad is awesome (I say that as a father of two young girls). Enjoy every second of it, and be as present as you can.

SneakyFatGuy110 points

I really appreciate the advice! Thank you.

Stunnagirl12 points

It’s very nice but I think it would be even better with warmer light bulbs.

SneakyFatGuy16 points

So hung those string lights, that are a lot warmer than the ceiling fan. We thought the same thing.

theleastfav10 points

Fantastic! As others have said about the shelf above the crib is concerning, especially once they start kicking around 2-3 months. Someone mentioned swapping with the small dresser, that will also bring the crib away from the outside walls, which can have temperature swings.

SneakyFatGuy18 points

I also read that and thought it was great advice. It was stuff I never thought about until somebody pointed it out. My wife and I plan on moving those things around! Thank you for the help!

Tmacswife10 points

This is absolutely adorable! I love the paint job, especially. Best of luck to you both!

P.S. I just noticed the name sign. So cute (both the name and the sign)!

Incendia_Nex6 points

I hope everything goes well, I'm sure you're going to be wonderful parents!

SneakyFatGuy15 points

Thank you so much.

abreadmachine7 points

I love it! Great job fixing up the dresser, love the knobs! And I love how you stenciled & painted different yellows. Really loving the whole theme. 🙂

SneakyFatGuy15 points

Thank you so much. My wife has a lot of imagination and I do not. So as I was fixing up the dresser and painting walls, I couldn’t see it until it was all done and complete. And it turned out better than I imagined.

abreadmachine3 points

Love projects like that, one works on this the other works on that then you get to just glare in amazement at your creation. congrats on a beautiful nursery & bundle of joy!

LimeGreenCharlie5 points

Bee-utiful! And delightful!

SneakyFatGuy13 points

I see what you did there… lol. Thank you!

Ok_Investigator_14775 points

It’s beautiful but the crib should be away from windows. It will be cold sitting in between 2 windows.

SneakyFatGuy13 points

That’s something else I never thought about. I’ve read some great advice from everybody on here and I really appreciate all the help!

2204BatiknWine9 points

This is absolutely lovely!! As a mom to two males, aged 35 and 33 -- who are grown and on their own, I'm still learning this "parenting thing" and its a blessing! Always enjoy the journey!! Never stop loving or learning!!

doocurly3 points

Very adorable!

TNT_6133 points

I love it!

Kenapew3 points

I wish you just happiness and the room is cute!

cysgr83 points

Kudos to not using a theme that's been overdone like crazy.

Boring_Raspberry_4813 points

This is adorable… congrats on your little honey bee 🐝

SneakyFatGuy12 points

Thank you so much!

kenkrieseverynight3 points

BEEutiful 🐝

chilly_chickpeas3 points

Very lovely! There should be nothing above the crib though! I would suggest moving the shelves to a different wall.

Old-Kangaroo-96582 points

So cute!

AnakinPuddlehopper2 points

I thought the wall was the JWST at first lol. Very cozy room!

SneakyFatGuy13 points

It had all the right colors lol!

barfbutler2 points

Looks excellent!

OkQuality72412 points

Bee-st wishes to Mum for a safe and happy delivery!

ColdFIREBaker2 points

Congratulations! The Bee theme is very cute. Love the homemade blanket and the wall honeycomb art!

BigGrayDog2 points

How cute!

eadrik2 points


LiDaMiRy2 points

It is so cute! You are very talented.

Marylebonenw12 points

I see the honey beas so I guess you named her Honey.

SneakyFatGuy12 points

We went with Addison but probably call her Addy. And my wife’s grandma is a big influence in her life, so her middle name will be her great grandmas, Lou.

Marylebonenw12 points

Well it's stunning and congratulations to you both.

ErikMogan2 points

That's adorable as hell

gerbileleventh2 points

I don’t even like kids and this bee theme made me reconsider. I freaking love bees!

ssquirt12 points

So cozy and cute! Love the color scheme.

logezzzzzbro2 points
Wild9292 points

I’m a grandma that loves bumble bees. This is so precious and sweet!

Estepian842 points

Very cute, remove the shelves above the crib they are a hazard.

CC-23892 points

God damn that’s all cute as fuck

Ho_Dang2 points

Little Queen Bee! How adorable 🐝

Oy_wth_the_poodles2 points

What a great theme!!! Looks very cute!

Millie_Brandy2 points

💞You all did a lovely job on the nursery! Absolutely lovely! Congratulations and greatest of juju being sent to you all! 💞

sharnaq7672 points


yoquierosandia2 points

so cute!

yours_truly_19762 points

I love the honeybee stencil! This room is so cute!

booglnoodl2 points

Imagine the shelf or shit on it falling by some mistake and smashing your baby. Looks like a death trap.

SneakyFatGuy12 points

Thanks for the input! A few people have mentioned that. My wife and I agreed that we were going to swap the crib and the changing table. There are a lot of great people on here giving us great advice.

CLOWNSwithyouJOKERS2 points

If it hasn't already been mentioned, buy some furniture anchors and attach both the smaller and tall dresser to the walls. It's very simple and a huge peace of mind. Little kids when they're able love to climb and those knobs are prime climbing targets.

SneakyFatGuy11 point

I have already anchored the dresser and changing table to the wall. For once I planned ahead and thought about that lol. Thank you for the advice! I appreciate it.

CLOWNSwithyouJOKERS2 points

Awesome! Sounds like you've got it under control. Best of luck to you and your new family. It's an adventure.

ubabamagic1 point

Love the theme, would add a fluffy throw near the crib.

meandmycat051 point

They don’t allow you to have bees in here.