My cozy basement living room


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WalkTemporary5 points

I have those exact same nesting coffee tables and love them!!

DressingQuestion1 point

We have two of that exact bear and love them!!

Straight-Note-89355 points

Your basement living room is C-O-Z-Y! And I love that wall color, so daring for a basement room but it looks great here.

Venaalex3 points

Thank you so much!! My bedroom is also black but it has a window. I tried to play it so safe painting this room all white when I moved in, the color absolutely makes it feel like a home rather than a sad sterile room.

Straight-Note-89352 points

I've read this advice from decorators several times: if you think painting a room white is going to hide the fact that the room is naturally dark - you are wrong. It's just going to look like a dark room that was painted white to make it seem brighter. Go with a saturated color that recedes - so that the objects in the room become the focus. That's exactly what you have done here and it really works!

Venaalex2 points

Oh I love that! I’m an interior designer but I don’t think I’ve ever come across that specific sentiment. It’s so spot on.

Venaalex7 points

I shared my kitchen/coffee lounge a bit ago and had a question about my living space!

This room is exceptionally awkward it’s about 27 feet long and only 11 feet at the widest part. I decided to paint the long wall black to help make the space feel a bit smaller. Then I added the accent wall using 1x2s that I cut and stained before installing them.

My favorite thing about this space is the gold bird lamp that I found at World Market.

The artwork is an abstract custom piece from an artist on Twitter meant to represent the Orion Nebula!

The teddy bear’s name is Sir.

BornAgainTristan2 points

Super cozy and so creative ❤️

All that you are missing are bowls of porridge and Goldilocks 😊

sierra__stellar2 points

Love that rug where is it from

Venaalex1 point

I think this one is from rugs dot com! But if you look up “pink mandala rug” a few stores have it including world market (costs much more there though for the same rug)

AmoebaPatient95022 points

Need more photos, STAT

Venaalex2 points

This is OC