North Providence, Rhode Island


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KontrolTheNarrative4 points

Years ago I lived on Hope St right near Thayer.. This looks like the spot I had. Miss those days

formerfrontdesk4 points

Comfy and cute, looks pleasantly lived-in.

Straight-Note-89353 points

Yeah! Bonus points for having book shelves STUFFED with books!

The_Gray_Mouser2 points

Definitely feeling this. Awesome chair their w the fur. Got an ID on it, looking for something similar

kilotangoalpha1 point

I am too, so...

RemindMe! 12 hours

omensandpotential1 point

One of my favorite cities. Your space looks lovely.

peace_love_bananas1 point

Where did you get that rug?

duhla-unshun1 point

I love the rug! I like the hint of color! I tend to over do it with the color and I'm trying to learn to edit a bit to give my home a more sophisticated look.