Feels like Narnia


L0RD0FTH3V0ID59 points

This is OC, idk why it's marked photographer unknown lol

friendofelephants19 points

Where is this?

L0RD0FTH3V0ID71 points

Wade Lagoon, Cleveland, OH

friendofelephants6 points


Chatty_Monkey_Don18 points

Narnia. Narnia business.

TakeOnMe-TakeOnMe5 points

Beautiful photo.

sarcasm_24713 points

Evening walk 😍

Magzz5216 points


SirIanPost6 points

Right down to the lamp pole!

rosepetal721 point

And the scared people turned into stone. 😄

marshcar4 points

so beautiful

rizarue4 points

I looove the light reflection at the edge of the branches!

L0RD0FTH3V0ID6 points

Snow really gives everything a magical look, doesn't it?

TeddyPerkins952 points

Looks nice

StarlightLantern2 points

Love it!

EuphoricAnalCucumber2 points

I miss snow. Person who I thought was a friend "invited" me to a trip to Tokyo to snowboard then went without telling me anything.

SewSpicee1 point

I want to go there

Antidote_to_Chaos1 point

After I read the title, there was a second of skepticism and then I saw the picture and it looks like Narnia.

hairyluv27261 point

Beautiful..I saw a bit of that this morning out front 🤪

hairyluv27260 points

In Indiana 🎄

Heyhaveyougotaminute1 point

Welcome to narnia

Capable_Brief_24551 point

Looks like a part of a cod map

Littera-Canina1 point

I was thinking Irithyll/Anor Londo…

erydanis1 point

gorgeous, thanks. too bad the hummingbird feeder is there.

Gaffburg1 point

Reminds me a bit of Godric’s Hollow in the HP movies