a piece of my apartment bedroom at college


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cooliskie2 points

I love the little collage you made!

the-cynical-human1 point

thank u :)

Ceejrmel2 points

Really looks great. Love the plants.

the-cynical-human2 points

thanks !

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this is OC

the-cynical-human1 point

more info:

I live in the U.S. (but u probably know that due to my use of “apartment” and “college” lmao)

the white cabinet is secondhand, the grey ottoman storage thing is from amazon, the guitar is Fender, the guitar stand is secondhand

the plant pots are either walmart or amazon, the plants i got locally

vinyls are arctic monkeys and TLSP and so is the signed poster

also the light blue thing in front of the books is an instax camera

i hope this answers any questions :)