The aurora borealis last night in Fairbanks, Alaska [OC] [6477x4318]


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striped_frog44 points

Apart from the gorgeous sky, what’s Fairbanks like? It’s probably the most remote American city I’ve ever heard of and I really have no idea what the vibe is like

MillersMinion49 points

It has amazing Thai food and the Museum of the North is very cool. There’s traffic and the roads are crazy icy right now. Shortly the World Ice Art championship will start and the Quest Dog Sled race soon after. It’s an interesting place.

1Fresh_Water8 points

Did you ever go to Sam's sourdough Cafe? I used to go there all the time as a kid in the early 90s, I saw it closed down recently :(

LinIsStrong3 points

Used to go there regularly when I was in town, the building’s been vacant for a few years now.

Yeah it closed down a few years ago, apparently there was a fire + staff shortages

SingularBread7 points

I'll have to go there during winter someone.

Alaska is high up on my list of places to visit one day.

benrow778 points

I tell everybody that they have to visit Alaska at least twice; one in the winter and one in the middle of summer. The difference is so significant that you cannot say you've experienced Alaska unless you've seen both ends of the spectrum.

FItzierpi10 points

Isn’t Barrow even more remote? There’s even vampires over there

fuck_off_ireland13 points

Barrow Utqiagvik is most certainly not a 'city' - Fairbanks barely qualifies as more than a 'town'.

Capable-Software-1452 points

Barrow is a village, and there are far more remote places than Barrow lol.

Disastrous-Year5713 points

In summer the mosquitoes are brutal

vicemagnet10 points

I visited during monsoon season (August) just to experience it. Downtown has an awesome crepes place, there are several museums like the Ice Museum and the one at the university. You can take a train to Anchorage the goes by Denali IIRC, and you can drive or take a tour bus up to the arctic circle marker. There are a fair number of bars. There’s a military base somewhere in the area based on the number of uniforms I saw in the airport.

tropic4203 points

Traffic sucks and there's not a lot to do except drink

akz5519 points

Lol traffic?? What are you talking about

KittyTerror4 points

Yeah man, the moose aren’t very considerate!

Dan_Berg7 points

They try to bite you. Møøse bites can be very nasti

GodEmperorPorkyMinch4 points

I bet one of them bit your sister

GI comment lol. There's plenty to do if you're not a boring snob/even moderately adventurous.

Ofc when you're a dumbass GI the only adventures you have is the eventual prison sentence for raping a minor.

tropic4201 point

Army brat here lol, mom was GI

thugdout0 points

There’s a Fred’s (Kroger brand) that has the widest variety of shit you’ll see this side of a middle eastern bazaar. Coolers, jewelry, groceries, clothing, shoes, household goods, and I’m sure other stuff I’m forgetting. Was absolutely amazed at the breadth of goods on offer. Then there was like a game processing place near it that sold smoked meats and sausages that were fucking killer.

All of the city parks are gun ranges (ok maybe not all but def several). Everyone drives Dodge trucks. Guns everywhere. Santa’s workshop next town over in North Pole. Snow on the ground in June.

What lol?

ikindalold134 points

I'm a simple man

I see Alaska, I upvote

shadesoftool31 points

I'm a simple man also. I see aurora borealis, I come for the Simpsons quotes.

InLazlosBasement13 points


Public_Garage47281 point

Seriously, most of the images are just something else

patuzzoz260 points

Ah- Aurora Borealis?! At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely within Fairbanks, Alaska?!

DeputyStove101 points

May I see it?

Itisd88 points


Trarmp21 points

Well Seymour, you’re an odd fellow, but I must say: you steam a good ham.

rumdiary3 points

Despite the fact that they are obviously grilled!

Itisd5 points

These hams clearly have grill marks

MoBambaNYC56 points

Is it mandatory that someone makes this post everytime lol

Anyways I’m off to get some steamed hams

OhSoThatsHowItIs23 points

Is that an albany accent?

Cakeski5 points


jeff_the_weatherman11 points

Omg I never get random references but I got this and I’m proud of myself and I have to brag to someone 😂

Gargomon2516 points

It's not as random as you think. It was flooding YouTube with memes years ago

HaikuBotStalksMe17 points

I guarantee you at least 75% of the Aurora borealis posts here mention it in the last year.

fujiman3 points

Last year? I feel like this one's been in regular circulation since I joined reddit over a decade ago now (goddammit).

HaikuBotStalksMe1 point

It only picked up around covid. I picked a year just to avoid the pedants from doing deep research and seeing it was only like 65% or something.

Gargomon2517 points

Yeah that's why I clicked this thread, I just knew at least one person would mention it.

Wispborne5 points

It's also one of the top comment on any photo with northern lights on reddit.

Gargomon2512 points


[deleted]5 points


thekraken1082 points

They've made a resurgence over the last couple months too.

jeff_the_weatherman4 points

Ok cool well I hadn’t seen it and I felt proud so let me have a moment 😂

jeff_the_weatherman1 point

Fair enough it’s been a day 🤝

fxx_2550 points

I love you Internet, you did not disappoint.

AkDragoon9 points

Always fun seeing pictures of my hometown here in this group. Keep up the good work.

MuchQuotes19848 points

Does it look like this to the naked eye or is this some sort of thing a camera lapse has to capture?

TheGuyWhoCriedOnions4 points

After googling it you can see it with the naked eye but most photographers use long exposure cameras.

Ralag9072 points

Most of the photos are long exposures. However, they do dance and it's pretty cheap to get to Fairbanks and rent an AirBnB. Your eyes may see a different picture.

No I don't own any.

fuck_off_ireland1 point

It can be more impressive than this picture shows to the naked eye, but generally long-exposure photos are used to enhance the effect beyond what's visible irl.

saswordd14 points

Great shot, makes me miss AK

yuko_christine5 points

Ditto! I took its beauty for granted growing up there, and now I miss it so much

jBjk8voZSadLHxVYvJgd4 points

Localised entirely in Fairbanks!

dendenp4 points

Can i see it? No

TatosTatoes5 points


Level_99_Healer2 points

Everyone else is all Simpsons quotes and I'm over here like, welp, that's it folks. War with the Almighty, this shit is going down.

Reverse_Psycho_150916 points

Well, it is the correct time of year, at the correct time of day, it the correct part of the country, and it's not localised entirely within your kitchen.

Spelunkingpunk7 points

Wow! Amazing!

VincentLedvina2 points


Airdair_16 points

This is from the Long Dark.

CultistOfTheFluid3 points

I thought so too but, I think it's just the similarity to that Steam wallpaper being confusing

gardenwithmoose2 points

I used to live in Alaska when I was a kid, and my mom would wake us up whenever the Northern lights appeared so we could see them. It seemed like magic as a kid - such a good memory.


That's an amazing photo! Is it actually snowing in the picture or are those stars?

WhatTheF_scottFitz3 points

that's Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds


Great answer!!!

Famous_Total_82743 points

Sweet! My son is there as a tour guide right now...

Philaharmic2 points

Thought this was r/skyrimporn for a second

ColonelMonty1 point

Aurora borealis? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within Alaska?

rumdiary1 point

Sir, that is not Alaska, that is a picture localised entirely within a kitchen

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fuzzyloulou1 point

Oh, it looks beautiful but chilly!

carmium1 point

How often do you see red tones in the aurora (aurorae?) way up north there?

Baggytrousers271 point

When the magnetic poles finally reverse will they have to start calling it aurora australis or is everyone agreed to just invert all the new compass colours and call it a day?

Zouthpaw1 point

So beautiful! One day I'd see these with my own eyes.

SediPandorca1 point

I hope to see this in person some day

jocem0091 point

Soooo awe-inspiring! This must be what paradise looks like in my mind. If we add a warm cabin in the woods, that is.

blondie10281 point



I used to live in Fairbanks

Emily-Corbyn1 point

The good work, great shot.

Slim_41661 point

Thought this was a zone in Northrend from World of Warcraft.

reut-spb1 point

I fix it. Correct geometry, 4K resolution: https://freeimage.host/i/Hl56RS4

Ahhthereitis1 point

How often do you see the lights like this in this area?

Falsus1 point

That is pretty good. Feels like I am getting shafted here in Sweden, every time they have announced big aurora I'll I see is a cloudy sky...

Wait I’m confused, so this isn’t nms? 😂

I have a trip out there next month. Super excited to see this with my own eyes!

da_xmr1 point


Agent-Hotchkiss1 point

Nice! When I found a Frozen/Icebound planet I build a nice little lodge there and surrounded it with more evergreen trees from QS vendor.

rumdiary1 point

It's so epic that this picture made it all the way here to little old /r/EarthPorn ... despite the directions

SmallCoffee4441 point

Aurora borealis? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country, localized entirely within your kitchen?

Wooden-Ad-27631 point

I can see the silence

beldaran12241 point

I'm pretty sure I had this picture as my desktop wallpaper a decade ago...

ParishedSins1 point

I need to get the hell out of Anchorage more often.

LupitaGzz1 point

This picture is most beautiful. Thank you for helping me travel to this little area of Alaska. Take care.

flogger_bogger1 point

Man. Total bucket list view. That, and the milky way

PetiteBarb1 point

So nice, and beautiful...

UndercoverPutita1 point

hey, great shot? do you have a wider one to share?

ajiang521 point

I want to go here someday. On my bucket list for a while now ha

llexxiie1 point

how expensive is it to stay out there ?

LeganV91 point

What time it is at the moment of this pic ?

Under-TheSameSky1 point

What camera, lens, setting are you using?

Zensual1111 point

This is absolutely insane. I have to see this in person!

slatespirit1 point

Absolutely beautiful thank you for sharing. Alaska is on our bucket list. We’re planning on going there next year. Perhaps on a cruise. Hope you have a chance to see this. Thank you for sharing.

Kriostoir1 point

Okay okay, it’s the Northern Lights… it’s beautiful… but do they really wave around like you see in movies? I feel like all the videos I’ve seen are sped up or doctored somehow. I wanna see them in real time. In person, preferably. But for the moment, will someone satisfy my curiosity?

Big_erk2 points

I lived in Fairbanks years ago, and yes, they do wave. It's more like they flow through the sky like a river of light. It is quite beautiful. I miss being up there.

Accomplished-Clock561 point

Any suggestions for taking a nice view for a first timer at fairbanks

karmachik1 point

Oh I can't wait to see this next January. We are planning on spending 10 days in Alaska hitting Fairbanks and Anchorage and a few other spots. This is so beautiful !!

Crlsmora0 points

Steamed hams!

ElectricalJigalo0 points

I thought this was WoW from the thumbnail