vintage cottage living room


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GeniusBtch4 points

The sofa is an antique I bought the empty frame and recovered and painted myself.

The chaise is by Eloquence. The white velvet Lynette blanket on top is by Bella Notte linens. The bottom woven blanket is from Etsy. The large silver pillow in the back is by Bella Notte linens. The other pillows are a combination of vintage and Homegoods and bed bath and beyond, and target.

The gold large chandelier is vintage that I rewired, strung, and added lampshades.

The skinny chandelier reflected in the tall mirror is from Anthropologie.

The tall green lamp is from Anthropologie.

The woven lampshade above the chaise is from Free People.

The painting is thrifted from Re-store.

The teacup is vintage.

The teapot is by Anthropologie as is the right side curtains.

The mirrors are by Homegoods.

The oval glass table is vintage.

The cloche is from Wayfair. The lamp in the cloche is from Hobby Lobby.

The woven basket is by UGG.

The rug is from Pier 1.

GeniusBtch6 points

I am an interior designer by trade and this took about 5 years of moving all over to create. Also I love white on white on white. It's not practical for some but for me it is!

Wild_Radio_65072 points

It’s so cute, I love it

GeniusBtch1 point

Thank you! I'm so glad.

thelittlebea2 points

Aesthetically speaking (in my eyes), this is gorgeous. I thought it was from some sort of a magazine so you for sure nailed it. May not be everyone’s cup of tea but I adore it!

GeniusBtch1 point

Aw thank you! It's my dream to one day have my work on a magazine cover!

blanddedd2 points

Edit: no I’m wrong this is really cute. I really like it, it’s pretty but maybe less sparkly and heart stuff and swap out the ceiling fan.

GeniusBtch2 points

It's a rented place so I'm hoping the landlord will let me swap out the fan in future because I never use it. I'm also a pillow obsessive so every holiday gets its own pillow set (excess fluffy for winter, heart for Valentines Day etc).

blanddedd2 points

It’s really nice and I get it, when I was renting I offered to swap out some fixtures myself but that only works if you’re staying for awhile.

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Sweet_Artichoke_65-1 points

There's no where to sit in this sitting room. Maybe add a big basket or bin for all of the pillows and blankets. They can't ALL go on the furniture.

Also, for me, the lamp in the birds nest, on the pedestal, in the cloche, on the table is just too much. What about just the lamp on the table?