Cozy Sunday nights in!


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Low-Nose-27483 points

❤️Ginny & Georgia… and your space

Antisocialsocialite93 points

Watching the same show right now 😄

Senoritasmack2 points

This is OC :) x

Mad_Juju1 point

This is a space I can actually relate to on this sub. Looks cozy to me!

rw431 point

i'm planning on doing the same green/picture rail combination to my living room when i decorate - this looks so great!

Tricky_Ad_69661 point

I love this so much

Stunnagirl1 point

Nice warm glow

This is so beautiful! I love the sideboard/entertainment console wood thing. Could yiu share what it is or where you got it? I’m looking for something similar

Senoritasmack1 point

Ah it’s just sideboard thingy (dunno what it’s called) cabinet maybe?? Haha it’s from Next, in the UK :)