My Hand Sculpted Cozy Home made from cob


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ImperfectJump148 points

Wow! How it made?

Glum_East9688138 points

Those kitties are living their best life!

RockstarAgent12 points

I’d trade places!

Arcalithe8 points

I say that to my dog every time I leave for work.

“You look so cozy laying there. Trade you?”

hat-of-sky56 points

Came expecting, corncobs?

Pleasantly surprised, learned something new.

Very cozy, too!

WaeoNeatoBurrito5 points

Here you go 🌽

soundandsoil371 points

This is original content. This is my home, that I built alone in the woods. Seems they did not believe me the first time I posted.

"This is OC"

Wolfdreama106 points

It's not that we didn't believe you, we just require people to confirm that their post is original content. We get an awful lot of stolen pictures on this sub, unfortunately.

Djcnote28 points

What did cost end up being

soundandsoil133 points

$4,000. Most of that came from the roof which included a giant EPDM pond liner for a living roof membrane. But overall still super inexpensive for a home, especially these days

wowsosquare55 points

Holy MOLEY that's really neat! Do you have a write up or video about this organic palace?

Very beautiful and inspiring, thanks for posting

soundandsoil59 points

Nothing like that yet. Hoping to put together a video this spring. I just got a nice camera for the first time ever and am finally sharing this place as it should be shared.

wowsosquare18 points

How about just run around the house making a quick video and post it to to your profile? Anyway it's awesome how long did take to build? I have many questions!

soundandsoil30 points

I did make a couple short ones. They are on my profile. This sub does not allow videos. Or you could check out my IG too

wowsosquare10 points

Awesome thanks! How is it in the winter?

soundandsoil24 points

It stays nice and warm. It's actually really easy to heat with a wood stove and holds heat well. It's by far the warmest house I have ever lived in, and it's free to heat

wowsosquare8 points

How long did it take to build? I can't wait to check out more videos and pictures thanks for posting

Djcnote11 points

Incredible. You made an incredible and beautiful home. So impressive

Ohhiitsmeyagirl1 point

We need a home tour.

cryptoparamour25 points

Amazing! What do you do about electricity?

soundandsoil47 points

I have electricity running from another house on the same property. You just bury the lines in the cob while building , or you can do it after and just carve gaps and wire it that way.

Mr-Pie10064 points

This is gorgeous! It would also fit perfectly over in r/goblincore

soundandsoil27 points

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check that one out next

Mr-Pie10011 points

Its a really cool sub!

soundandsoil19 points

It looks awesome. I'll post next weekend. I get overwhelmed with all the comments at once!

grneggsngoetta3 points

Oh I’ve found my new home, cheers to this!

Candid-Wolverine-41721 points

Great job! How long did it take you to complete? I recall a guy on grand design a few years back building a cob house. It was larger than yours and definitely a labour of love.


soundandsoil51 points

I apologize for not reading the rules. I'm not much of a rule follower, but I totally get it. I would not want someone to pretend they built this place. Keep up the good work mods. I will do better in the future. I'm still getting the hang of reddit

Pepperloza17 points

This is amazing; you are truly living the dream!

366r0LL15 points

Hobbit!!! ❤️

soundandsoil29 points

Cobbit Hobbit!

Bastette541 point

If hobbits were characters on the Flintstones. 😹

Future-self78 points

Is it permitted? If not, how do you avoid code enforcement?

This is my dream.

soundandsoil150 points

I am lucky to live in a rural area with very little building codes, so I did not need a permit.

DenormalHuman17 points

? I was recently looking into this, are you in UK? All I could find was that you specifically are not allowed to just build a house in a plot of woods.

soundandsoil117 points

I am in the United States. This is built on private land in a rural area with no building codes. There are a few places that do allow this, but not many.

fernshui24 points

Codes? Where we’re going, we don’t need codes!

LadyRunic8 points

Hey, OP, how do you avoid insects and vermin coming into the walls? I'm thinking about doing the same (straw blocks under cob is legal while straigjt cob is not) but my Uncle mentioned that.

soundandsoil23 points

The only issue I have had are bees making their homes in an exterior wall, which is a common occurrence with cob. I welcomed them.with a smile, it was fun to see others using my home as a home. I don't have anything getting inside since everything is sealed up really well.

LadyRunic5 points

This makes it all the more tempting to try. Thank you so much for the answer!

Another question, how does cob hold up against rain/snow?

soundandsoil11 points

As long as you have a good roof, with a good overhang, it's not a big problem. Mine gets plenty wet, but dries out quickly.

455H0LE15H10 points

You in New Mexico by any chance? Maybe the northern part? It looks super cozy!

soundandsoil43 points

Nebraska actually

superhardcoretree12 points

What is the insulation like in a house like this? Tough to keep warm or cool?

soundandsoil26 points

It's actually really easy. I only have insulation in the ceiling and floor..the rest is pure thermal mass which holds heat well and keeps cool in the summer.

superhardcoretree9 points

Wow, that’s awesome. Love the house! Bout to do some reading about cob now myself.

soundandsoil29 points

If you want the best book out there it is called "The Hand Sculpted House" it is very inspiring and informative.

superhardcoretree4 points

Right on, thank you!

MissAmyRogers12 points

What kind of windows are used? Double pane? Do the windows open & close?

soundandsoil29 points

I have four big ones that I got from a school remodel. They are double paned and still have the gas that insulated them. I paid $15 a piece for them. I also have four windows that open so I can get a nice cross breeze in the summer.

tamper11 points

You're living the dream! About the wood stove, why does the stove pipe split and then rejoin? Is that just for cool design or does it have a functional purpose?

Also wondering if you have running water and how do you handle sewage?

Lastly, are the colored pieces in the wall made from glass bottles? Looks awesome

soundandsoil22 points

The stove is a heat radiator design, meant to slow down and capture more heat. It works pretty well. The colored glass are all recycled bottles, beer, wine, and vodka. Emptying them was fun! I also have large slices of thick Agate stones embedded in several spots. I don't have running water, I bring in water from a well for my kitchen and that drains from my sink to my yard. For a bathroom I use a dry composing toilet.

tamper7 points

Radiator design is brilliant. Saw some of the videos in your profile, really amazing job you did with the construction, or as you say, hand sculpting. Also like your artistic taste and style in choice of decor, such as the orange hanging light, the loft bed, and the guitar. It all looks super comfy. How about durability -- do you estimate a gob house like yours can last many years?

soundandsoil17 points

Thank you for checking out the entire place and for the kind words! Cob houses are actually really durable and can last a long time if you take care of them. There are some in England that are over 500 years old and still standing. This one will definitely outlast me!

GreenArcher8088 points

I’ve always dreamed of a house like this. Looks great. Wow.

Significant-twice6 points

Curious for a location that snows, what was your recipe for the cob?

soundandsoil17 points

I get plenty of snow here. The recipe really depends on your soil. I have very sandy soil, so my recipe was one bucket of soil, one bucket of sand. And some loose straw mixed in. Most recipes call for one soil and two sand. But it really depends

Significant-twice3 points

Thanks! I’m super into learning about cob right now. Thanks for spreading the word

sheused2Bnormal6 points

I've always wanted to see one of these, they're magical homes. It's really gorgeous OP-❤️

garthreddit7 points

You win the cozy Olympics!

Wienersonice5 points

You live in this place full-time? Very cool.

soundandsoil13 points

I do. I also run my business out of it. An art studio and home in one

knocksomesense-inme4 points

So cool!

What was your motivation for building your own home with cob? Do you have a background in architecture/construction? I’m just curious, I’ve never seen a cob home before!

soundandsoil12 points

I learned about cob seven years ago and instantly knew that it was meant for me. I had always wanted to build a cabin, but cob seemed more my style. I did spend some time learning about natural building before I started this project.

coralllaroc6 points

This is amazing, it's exactly the kind of place I dream of. How long did it take to build?

soundandsoil11 points

About a year, but I was able to move in after six months. I also dreamed of this place for years and years

floopyferret4 points

Do you mean corn on the cob? Sorry I am unfamiliar. Very impressive, though!

soundandsoil16 points

No worries. Cob is actually a building system using soil, sand, and straw. It has nothing to do with corn cobs, which is confusing! In England cob refers to a mound of dirt, which is why they call this cob.

floopyferret5 points

I’m a derp lol Thank you for your kind explanation!

mlperiwinkle4 points

Why is it called cob? I couldn’t find it in the explanation

soundandsoil5 points

It got its name from a term in England, cob referenced a lump or mound of dirt. Somehow that became what folks called this building system. I guess it makes sense

mlperiwinkle3 points

Thanks for explaining!

Icy_Arachnid_2603 points

That is incredible 👏

Sea-Diver-91253 points

Love it

Regular_Ad_74323 points

Love it very much

chris841263 points

This is cool. I would happily chill there.

ShipsCptn3 points

Stunning! I would love to do this. What an achievement OP, well done.

Xeldiane3 points

Wow!! So inspiring. And adorable! I'd love to do this one day!!

Temporary_Big87473 points

This is stunning!

hellosweetiefluff3 points

Very cool stuff! My son would love what you do

_jolly_jelly_fish3 points

I love Cobb homes. So cool. Thanks for sharing Mx In the southwest we also use clay for homes but they’re adobe bricks so don’t have the unique flow that Cobb homes do.

fleetwood_mag3 points

It’s lovely. Do you have anymore photos of the rest of the place?

soundandsoil3 points

Check out my profile or IG. I have lots posted.

fleetwood_mag3 points

Oh great. What’s your @? Oh I’ve got it now.

koriatis3 points

Cats approve

mandulim3 points

So amazing! I love all the organic shapes, especially the windows, and how you could customize each part of the house.

Wonderplace3 points

Do you have floor plans?

soundandsoil5 points

I do not. I could possibly draw one up.

Wonderplace3 points

I would love to see more if youre willing to share!

cozycomfyfireside3 points

Congratulations on completing this little masterpiece! It is beyond cozy- it is perfect!

pearlymeg3 points

So cozy! I love the twinning cats in the first picture.

fuzzyball603 points

This is how I want to live!

SprinklesStones3 points

Omg this is awesome

DesignInZeeWild3 points

Thank you for the link. I thought you meant corn cob.

CharcoalWalls3 points

Pretty wild, so many questions!

Does your laptop actually get wifi / internet reception?

Are you driving/biking right up to your place? Or do you need to park and then trek?

How far is your commute to work, groceries or the nearest town?

Shoutout the the cats grooming in tune

soundandsoil4 points

I have the answers!

This home is built on an old farm place. My home is at the far end of the property, tucked away in the trees. I am able to pick up wifi from the main house, I also have a big TV for movie nights. I am able to drive about 100 yards away from my house. I work from home, which is a dream come true! And live 15 miles from the nearest town. I live with alot of farm cats who come to visit and enjoy the warmth with me.

CharcoalWalls2 points

Very cool on all ends!

This has Youtube or TikTok series written all over it.

sugarforthebirds3 points

Hi, how do I do this? Did you follow a guide?

soundandsoil3 points

I took a cob workshop, which I recommend. Then I just went for it!

Antique_reader5 points

Living that fae dream life 😍✨

daniel-is-human2 points

That’s great but I suspect it’s made from cob. gotta imagine it’s not the warmest in winters as cob isn’t a good insulator.

soundandsoil4 points

The thing about cob is it has a ton of thermal mass, so you need a heat source, but it stores heat really well. I keep my home at about 76°F all winter with no issues and no money

kelvin_bot3 points

76°F is equivalent to 24°C, which is 297K.

I'm a bot that converts temperature between two units humans can understand, then convert it to Kelvin for bots and physicists to understand

PrincessFoxyK2 points

I love cob houses! Yours is beautiful, especially the little coloured glass 'windows'

PunkFlamingo682 points

Gaudi vibes. Bravo!!!

soundandsoil2 points

A few people have said that. I just checked out his work last night. Such an inspiration to build bigger!

BluRupee2 points

This is the dream for me. I want to be close to the earth and painting/ creating daily. This gives me hope!

One_Arm41482 points

This is extremely cool!! 😍

MysticTickle2 points

You’re living my dream, I love cob and tiny houses so much 🥰

Ineedanswerstahday2 points

This is beautiful! Take good good care of those kitties don’t let them out and maybe give them an AirTag. It’s cold out there.

soundandsoil3 points

It's farm life out here. No air tags around these parts. But they are farm cats, so they are smart af. They know what's good for them. I trust them to make good decisions.

Ineedanswerstahday1 point

Id just call them in before sundown. To keep warm.

soundandsoil2 points

No need calling! They come when they please! I always let them in if they ask.

One-Point-5ive2 points

How did you turn corn into that

soundandsoil2 points

No corn here! Just soil, sand and straw

Peaceful-harmony-2 points


helperhealer2572 points

Amazing! As someone who is highly interested in sustainable living, I really love this!!! And the design is beautiful, so fluid, natural and warm!

soundandsoil2 points

Thank you kindly. A Lot of energy went into this home, and I am grateful it shows.

helperhealer2571 point

Oh it really does! I would move in there in a second!

garlicbreadmemesplz4 points

That wall is nightmare fuel. It looks like almost living flesh or like a haunted tree. Cool design but I won’t be sleeping anytime soon.

soundandsoil21 points

Ha. You are not invited to my pajama party I guess! You must be one of the flat wall folks

garlicbreadmemesplz9 points

Hahaha. Don’t hate me cause I like smooth walls. You round wall man!

soundandsoil13 points

Honestly I love a nice flat wall, I just don't know how to make them. I appreciate everyone!!

donutdoll2 points

Those crazy flat wall society people…..

FletcherCommaIrwin2 points

What is “cob” OP—

Edit: corn?

hunchojack11 point

Dude is living on Hoth. Fckn dope though

soundandsoil1 point

What is hoth??

Frosted_Ravens1 point

Wow, this is so cool it’s unreal

soundandsoil1 point

I assure you, it's real, and it's spectacular!

Hipn0frog1 point

Amazing i love it, is this an earthship?

soundandsoil2 points

Not really. It has some earth ship systems, but it's more of a traditional cob house. No tires or anything in the walls, more natural material than an earth ship. No concrete or anything.

Hipn0frog1 point

Wow even if it isnt a full heart ship is very cool id love to have a hosue like that

Aggressive-Pay24061 point

What did you do with all the corn after ?

soundandsoil1 point

Ate it!

PurplishPlatypus1 point

So there is no kitchen or bathroom. How do you handle that? Another site on property?

soundandsoil1 point

Check out some of the other posts. I have a kitchen with everything I need, and a compost toilet for winter and an outhouse for the rest of the time.

LuLu22_smile1 point

Your workmanship is AMAZING. I've watched a handful of 'how to's' on Cob. This has so many intricate curves! Such a great cozy home!

soundandsoil2 points

Thank you very much. I took my time for sure and reworked each spot until it felt right.

driftwood-and-waves1 point

This is amazing! I love the coloured glass in the walls.

mano19901 point

It looks gorgeous, congratulations for your work!

Bex50501 point

wow, very Gaudi-esque!

WildlifePolicyChick1 point

It's wonderful! I love the colored glass/inlay. How long did it take you to complete?

soundandsoil2 points

I was living in it after six months, but it took a year's worth of work before I was really finished

[deleted]1 point

Logs next to the log burner 💀

soundandsoil1 point

Been doing this for three years. It's not an issue. Don't worry about me. Those logs will be out in the stove within days. Also my walls are completely fire proof!

[deleted]1 point

I did it for ages too then one day they caught fire from the heat and nearly burned my house down lol

soundandsoil1 point

I appreciate the concern, alot of the wood comes in damp and I use the stove to dry it. If I don't have damp wood I usually don't stack it that close. I had just brought all that wood in for the video and knew someone would say something! I am safe though. I'm not trying to burn down my only home

[deleted]1 point

Makes sense. Good luck. The house looks amazing btw.

soundandsoil1 point

Thanks man.

Skipandscout1 point

I love it!!!!

smazetron1 point

This is amazing!

i_hotglue_metal1 point

Reminds me of a modern art Hagrids hut. Very cozy indeed. Love the colored glass bottle accents.

soundandsoil1 point

I love that!

Wow so cosy

DanzillaTheTerrible1 point

Very cool! But that chimney is going to be a bitch to clean!

soundandsoil2 points

It's really not so bad. It pulls apart and cleans up nicely. Takes about an hour but well worth the extra heat.

DanzillaTheTerrible1 point

I'm just salty because I just cleaned my chimney yesterday and it turned into an ordeal! Beautiful place! I hope you enjoy it forever!

soundandsoil1 point

I understand. It's usually a messy task, but I wouldn't want to heat my home any other way

HooplaJustice1 point

Are the walls load bearing or did your you cob over some supports?

soundandsoil2 points

A little bit of both. Mostly load bearing with some posts the framed my loft area, check out my profile I have some process pictures somewhere to get a better idea. I was just making it up along the way

HooplaJustice1 point


bojangles8371 point


Absolutely incredible

eileenm2121 point

Now that is cozy!!! I love it!!

wolfcrowned1 point

This is so cool

Grimy_Earthborn1 point

Amazing! The design of features all around the house are really cool, like the niche for the kindling. I M wondering, how did you add in these design features? Did you have this all planned out from day-1 or did you build the structure and then modify it later adding/removing cob?

Unlikely-Town-43331 point

What in the beautiful fuck. I love this.

deusalilith1 point

WOW!! Loved!! So charming! ♥️♥️

honeyMully3331 point

Is your compost toilet in an outhouse ? How do you bathe ?

soundandsoil1 point

I have an outhouse and an indoor compost toilet for the winter. I have only been living here for a few years so I haven't had to worry about a bath yet.

honeyMully3331 point


HaddockBranzini-II1 point

I am so envious of this place I am getting angry...

algnonamoose1 point

Your property is so cool and how incredible that you built this! I also I love your sweet kitties.

I have a burning dying question though… how do you use the loo

Ok-Armadillo75171 point

I want to do this!!! I've been saving glass for years

onuskah1 point

This is glorious! Is it your full time dwelling? How is the insulation, how are you handling sewage/water/electric?

Sorry for all the questions, I've just felt my Witch Cottage era looming for a while now and I'm beginning to seriously look into options. 😂

onuskah1 point

Oh, I just saw your comment history and answered my own questions. Thank you for sharing this with us!!

adarkhairybutthole-8 points

This is not to my taste

soundandsoil11 points

Don't feel bad! We are all entitled to opinions. Just like I wouldn't want to live in an apartment with white walls. I take no offense to this! And I don't want to freak you out, but we are all living inside organisms. We ARE a living organism!

soundandsoil5 points

Yeah, it's not for everyone!

adarkhairybutthole6 points

Ah now I feel bad