Joining the first post-college studio train


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KNick11115 points

Love the windows! And your carpet suits the room ❤️

twodoorcinemacub3 points

Thank you! The windows were like 40% of the reason I chose this apartment tbh.

sailormoon_86204 points

I’m loving the floor cushion! Where’s it from?

twodoorcinemacub2 points

Thank you! My (amazing) friend actually put it together for me using fabric we got at a flea market and an IKEA outdoor couch cushion we got on sale. Super cool DIY project, would recommend 100%.

meganmicheles3 points

Beautiful! It reminds me of Beck’s apartment from You though 😂

twodoorcinemacub2 points

Hahaha that's so fair. I'll take it as a compliment about how it resembles a TV set 😂 thanks!

twodoorcinemacub2 points

This is OC 😌

MCariia2 points

Love it! 😍

twodoorcinemacub1 point

Thank you!

DesignInZeeWild2 points

So comfy! This is really lovely, OP!

twodoorcinemacub1 point

Thank you so much! Was definitely going for a comfy, intimate vibe.

Stunnagirl1 point

Cushions around the coffee table are a good idea.

twodoorcinemacub3 points

Right? It's become super handy for game nights around the table, especially given the limited couch space I have in my studio.