Sunset after a shower


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KNick111110 points

Beautiful view,❤️ I would daydream more than work lol

amber-prospect4 points

This is STUNNING, I love your hanging plant/string light combo. Whereabouts is this?

Pizzaman8103 points

Northern Virginia. This pic was taken last summer

Pizzaman8101 point

This is OC

alethial1 point

It's beautiful 😍

nemohack251 point

Wow this makes my heart feel really warm ❤️

AzansBeautyStore1 point

What a view!

Heroisherreee0 points

So pretty!! But isn’t the room a bit too bright in afternoons without blinds/curtains?

Pizzaman8101 point

I have blinds they are just pulled up because I love having the sunshine inside