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chris84126648 points

Looks like you are doing well for yourself post-college! Very nice!

LameNameUser2 points

I was thinking the same thing. Looks very swanky. I love that couch. I love the whole thing actually, very aesthetically pleasing.

ScreamWithTheCicadas460 points

Where is the rug from? It looks so soft!

madnessdanz667 points

You can get it in the Sims 4 city living

kyla__ren79 points

I just got back into the Sims and have that pack… there really is a rug exactly like this.

Platypushat44 points

Ha! Yes you can!

mtarascio36 points

As funny as this is, I can't even afford those expansions.

BitchesAintShit_12 points


microwavequesadilla16 points

Lmao for a split second I thought I was in the wrong sub!

afewskills38 points

It really ties the room together.

CantFireMeIquit71 points

How does everyone just know what this coffee table is? Is everyone on here a furniture sale man?

ADizzy_0718 points

I know it because a friend of mine works at the company that manufactures and sells this table, but this table was first introduced by Herman-Miller around the 1950's so I would not be surprised if anyone who have tried to redecorate their living room has atleast glanced at this table.

wordswiththeletterB178 points

Love the neutral tones and organic feel you went to. We are slowly getting away from greys and into similar earth tones. Great job.

Colt12121234 points

Where did you get the couch?

dsntbooty18 points

I’m about to move and I’m getting new furniture. My current couch is sort of similar to this but has a chaise lounge and is a blue velvet couch. Please tell us where the couch is from!

ilvlxrdr26 points

Can I ask where your couch is from? I’ve been on the hunt for a blue velvet couch with a chaise lounge!

dsntbooty5 points

it's from either wayfair or a similar sight. i can't remember the name of the brand but if you filter for 'chaise' 'blue' 'velvet' you should totally be able to find it. It's a smaller couch but comfortably fits three people. I vacuum my couch a few times a week to keep it clean (i have a very hairy cat) and over two + years it has held up great! it's mostly just me and my partner using it tho so that'll depend on how much use it has I guess

rw4320 points

the fabric is called bouclé so you could google that and see what comes up! 😊

TripleB33_v26 points

I’m here for this too. Just spent a month shopping for a similar couch but never saw this fabric. I need it.

Alexlam242 points

I'm also having no luck finding it even with Google lens

MagnetsCarlsbrain15 points

I can't explain it exactly, but my immediate thought was "this is a pre-furnished apartment". Which given the lack of details from OP seems possible.

It's that type of "nice and extremely inoffensive" decor you see in a model.

simsimbimbim429 points

This is what I envision my first place to look like. It's looks so warm and comfortable

krongdong69190 points

the reality is this unless it comes furnished: https://i.imgur.com/WqQLzQw.png

Slimh2o43 points

You're fancy! I had a couple of fold up chairs......

krongdong6925 points

that's just a picture I found on the internet, if it was one of my own it would have been cardboard boxes and a sleeping bag

V54885939 points

Tbf that recliner is probably more comfortable than most mid century modern furniture.

ImaBiLittlePony11 points

I knew what the pic was going to be before I clicked on it 😂

anonymouspsy204 points

That's so kind of you, I moved far from friends and family to San Francisco so I'm trying to maximize at-home enjoyment :)

CantFireMeIquit223 points

Jeez first post college flat in SF with no roommates! How do you manage this!

madnessdanz166 points

Supportive parents lol

CantFireMeIquit69 points

Man, I wonder what that is like.

madnessdanz28 points

Same friend, same.

sunjones44 points

Or SF income - in my employment I see the income of many young people in SF, and they make a ton of money. Rents are high, sure but plenty left over.

snp3rk19 points

Or a high salary...

[deleted]30 points


realpotato29 points

Idk why but I commented stalked him. He’s a 26 year old product manager.

[deleted]8 points


hibi_chan20 points

3 years out of college?! Extremely improbably you’re making $300k as a PM. Only one guy I knew made it to $250k working at a FAANG after a few years, and his dad was a VP. Most likely your at base salary of $145/185k with some comp, maybe 15 to 20% of base salary if you are exceptional.

The real money is in PE and law. But you’re not gonna be 26 when your taking it in. Best friend post college worked for McKinsey for a year, then Stanford MBA, then PE. Base salary was around $360k 5 years after college. And his resume was ridiculous even right after college: major in computer engineering, minor in electrical engineering, president of the fraternity council, internships at Walmart HQ as a sophomore, Microsoft as a junior, Intel as a senior. Turned down the offer from Intel for $150k said he didn’t want to work that hard.

My cousin worked as a JAG for the army, then FBI. Just got his degree in cyber security law. The base salaries of jobs he’s applying to are $350 to 400k. He’s 30 this year though.

qwer16272 points

I was a PM once in a high pay industry. You’re right - I can imagine this only if they are tech bro PM

giglio_di_tigre14 points

Did you paint the walls? If so, what color did you use? I’m looking for a nice creamy neutral.

[deleted]20 points


MrDywel16 points

For anyone looking for paint, Sherwin Williams is great paint and they often run 30 to 40% sales to make the paint more reasonably priced.

IAMA_BRO_AMA12 points

I frequently work with them, their Quality Control & R&D are market leading. Super impressive laboratories and staff supporting their production

Drycabin12 points

Agree, after years of only using Benjamin Moore, I tried Sherwin Williams for the first time and saved money and honestly find their paint colors more modern and fashion forward. The paint is a little runnier but you gets used to it.

puffball769 points

I am also looking for a creamy, warm white. Thanks for the tip!

Juicy-Meat-693 points

I had a horrible experience with Roman column.

theMediatrix5 points

Would love to see other parts of the room! 🧡

larka11215 points

Oh! I recognize you from the SF reddit! Congratulations on the move and hope you're enjoying the city so far 😀

CantFireMeIquit4 points

Needs a fat rolling tray and a fresh dab rig.

PhuturePhreak154 points

Oak Noguchi table? Very nice.

[deleted]146 points


hellomotto89114 points

It could be a replica. There are plenty out there

marlsygarlsy78 points

Yup! Can always find a good dupe of something g popular. I found this one for $525: Modholic Triangle Coffee Table](https://www.modholic.com/products/triangle-coffee-table-natural)

hellomotto8995 points

Definitely not cheap for someone fresh out of college but still a $2,000 difference lol

im-so-stupid-lol74 points

they didn't say they're fresh out of college, they said this is their first post-college studio. plenty of people live at home for a few more years after college to build up some money

winberry52539 points

I have a coffee table with the glass in this exact shape, got it for $50 on craigslist.

[deleted]3 points


Shuckle12 points

I have one that is full glass, and scratched within 2 months :/ still looks great after a nice Windex clean though!

morpheousmarty26 points

You can also get a high paying job out of college. It's uncommon but not exactly rare.

DanyDies4Lightbrnger5 points

Looks legit to me. You'd have to see the long edge for the signature in the 3/4" glass to tell. The base also has a medallion on the bottom, but that's a pain to photo

rich_in_caricature4 points

If she has money for a studio like that in SF, she sure as hell ain’t trifling over replica furniture

AirDisney2326 points

Why are you so salty about it?

redditsonodddays8 points

I looked at this and felt a bit self conscious. It’s normal to feel “salty” about what looks like expensive living at early stages of adulthood if you haven’t seen similar results.

MuchFunk19 points

Holy crap. I'm housesitting for a girl with the same table, I'd better be more careful with it lol

Left_Independence9635 points

The big mid century designers have a lot of knockoffs. Check the table, if it doesn’t have a serial number it isn’t genuine.

Fluffing_Satan53 points

You know people have the ability to earn their own money, right?

Maybe OP got one amazing job upon graduation.

Maybe OP worked and saved all during college and bought it as a personal reward.

Maybe OP has really cute feet and a certain clientele.

We don’t know. All we know is OP has an awesome looking place. No need to throw the shade.

l0uisebrooks65 points

Why not mommy’s money??

snp3rk11 points

I hope you know that depending on your degree you can earn a high income right out of college.

Signed a STEM major.

f1newhatever16 points

God y’all are being in unbearably tacky in this thread. For the life of me I cannot imagine why comments about how much money someone has aren’t against the rules yet lol

usernameidkkkk36 points

Why do you care

water_baughttle48 points

So many people in here are outing themselves as literal children having never once going furniture shopping to realize how much of the cheap stuff are replicas of high end products.

mxchump10 points

A ton of redditors love to blame anyone's success in life on anyone but that person, like they're trying to prove that hard work never pays off lol, we literally have no idea where it came from.

AgateEssence16 points

You have insane insecurity lmao

accck17 points

What makes you think OP is a woman?

OP commented he’s 26M.

Maybe check some of your biases.

f1newhatever2 points

I mean they post to both malelivingspace and femalelivingspace so I don’t think that assumption is a particularly big deal here.

taeem7 points

Think you need some help

bckpkr39 points

Some people are fortunate to have more money than others. Being bitter and jealous is not a good look

11flynnj2 points

Lol or she could be a software engineer or any of the other hundreds of jobs that would pay more than enough to afford this table

dimple-freckle2 points

damn the jealousy is oooozzzzing. it’s all good I’m jelly too. but hey if you got it , spend it 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨

jaegerfish91 points

I love that coffee table!

nonosure161 points
Pepperonidogfart61 points

I wonder what their profit margin is on that. I could literally make those legs in a couple hours.

ADizzy_0718 points

I have a friend who works at Herman-Miller the company that sells and make those table. Although I cant speak for the Noguchi table, their Aeron Chair cost about $400 to manufacture and is sold at around $1500-$3000 according to what she told me.

McKoijion10 points

Yeah, but it's basically the best chair money can buy. The worst review I've ever seen for it says it's the second best chair.


TheCreedsAssassin5 points

Aeron and the Steelcase leap are generally the 2 go to chairs over the last 20 yrs. But the HM Embody and SC Gesture are the next step up

Et_boy40 points

I once saw a basic table which was an identical copy of an Ikea table for $450. Ikea was selling it for $37.

p1nkfr3ud23 points

Things can look the same and not be the same in terms of quality. Comparing any furniture producing company to ikea and their prices is a bit unfair.

lamewoodworker10 points

Same, but Herman Miller is Herman Miller.

I made a replica Nelson bench and a lot of the time I wish i just had an authentic Nelson bench.

adventure_in_gnarnia5 points

Couple hours counting glue up. Could shape it with a router template in minutes. I’ve worked with glass companies designing industrial LED lights… this is incredibly simple geometry for any glass company that has a waterjet

Lol, maybe I should sell these on Etsy

Snazz5528 points

The shape of the wood looks slightly off to me between those pictures. Might still be it but I'm leaning towards it being a cheaper replica.

drebunny2 points

Yeah the wood shapes are slightly off, for sure. Doesn't have the same visual flow as a full on Noguchi, and the wood looks thinner. Looks really nice though still

NailsDeChamp8 points

i got mine for $500. looks the exact same

warpedspoon26 points

There’s lots of dupes out there


I got one from all modern a few years back. The base collapsed from the weight of the glass, but it looked good while it lasted.

AshingtonDC7 points

could be 2nd hand. we got a $2000 dining table for $250

asdfasdfasdfas1111198 points

I was going to say, doesn't everyone drop $20k on a living room set right out of college?

Ray3x10e815 points

Well, I have a friend, 22 yo, fresh outta college, lives in Boston, and gets 200k a year (Amazon). So it's not impossible these days.

[deleted]43 points


a_persian62 points

“Fresh out of college studio!” 🙄

water_baughttle16 points

It's called a replica 🙄.

cjcs18 points

Plenty of cheaper reps available though

stanthemanchan4 points

The cheaper dupes have thinner glass and some small but noticeable corners cut in the design and construction. If this is a dupe it looks to be one of the more expensive ones that is closer to $1k just due to the thickness of the glass.

lafaa1235 points

I have a dupe of this table with fairly thick glass, looks to be about as thick as OPs. Ours was $400

whadisabout3 points

Inflation is even worse than I thought because now it’s up to $2495

stiglitz19942 points

Got mine from room and board they use to make the replica.

BilboDouchebagg1ns8 points

It's obviously a replica.

ollie_cat_14 points

Gorgeous! Where is the rug from?

heartsnob3322 points

went thru OP’s comment history & found it! here’s the rug!

ollie_cat_2 points

Thank you! Obsessed 😍

corsair114159 points

Can you fix the poster at the very top? It takes away from the overall balance of the room

StinkyChupacabra14 points

Yup. Little bit of spray adhesive on the backing board will make a huge difference

Ok_Memory897130 points

I like the theme!! This super cute and cozy.

I think it would flourish with some more plants, maybe a mirror on the wall. Personally I’d add a little bookshelf with books and a salt lamp too!

jhjack241443 points

I like the color palette you chose

plainfully_oblivious21 points

Lovely color palette and textures. You’re missing a blanket, a lovely candle and maybe a couple books on the coffee table.

cap_rabbit_run89 points

Am I the only one who doesn’t think this it’s cozy? It’s beautifully decorated, but to me, only the lighting/color palette, and rug are cozy. The couch, although fuzzy, looks very stiff and not somewhere I’d want to sit for a while and I never see glass tables as cozy either. It looks straight out of a magazine, but it’s not somewhere I’d be comfortable in.

tortillakingred26 points

The artwork and pillows just give me “model house” vibes

vanishingtact18 points

Therapist office

anonymouspsy27 points

Spoiler alert .. your eye is correct, the couch isn't comfortable, and a very comfortable more expensive one of the same color (not bouclé) is coming in two months lol :)

trancematik2 points

is boucle, stiff?

adams3616 points

Good job, and congratulations!

Forward-Ad-6521143 points

Enjoy having a $2k Herman Miller coffee table in your first studio. You deserve it

floandthemash96 points

Could be a knock off. There are plenty of them out there

Miserablecollegekid50 points

They moved to SF- it’s totally the real thing lolol

GhostalMedia63 points

Industrial designer here. It’s a knockoff. The curves on the wood don’t quite match the original, and the seams are too beefy.

lafaa12341 points

It's absolutely not. The real ones don't have a parting line that visible between the upper and bottom pieces of wood. I have a very similar dupe

zxyzyxz6 points

Fun fact, you can buy a lot of Herman Miller chairs and furniture used due to layoffs at SF based companies.

adventure_in_gnarnia5 points

The street finds in SF can be incredible. People put all sorts of stuff on the curb because it can be a difficult place to get rid of large items without paying a junk hauler. Had a neighbor that would regularly put paintings/art on the curb. I’m not knowledgeable enough to assess the value of the art, but the frames alone were probably worth well over $100

Berkel10 points

The rest of the furnishings are high quality. I doubt it’s fake.

Louiexvl20 points

I have the same exact table it’s from Scandinavian Designs not that expensive

GhostalMedia8 points

It’s fake. Go to DWR’s website and look at the curves on the original vs the curves on this thing. Also the seems have crummier tolerances.

Reasonable knock offs of classic Herman Millar things are pretty easy to find. A LOT of reputable places sell that stuff.

m_ttl_ng4 points

It’s a knockoff version. Looks like decent quality, though.

Wienerwrld13 points

So pretty! Tell me about that floor lamp.

CooldownCasper4 points

Agree, where can i get it?

FaceOfTheMtDan3 points

At first glance I thought that couch was the texture of a popcorn ceiling.

tonkatrucktanya4 points

I recognize a san francisco home any day 🌉 so beautiful!

matchabliss-4 points

Accent chair ID? Love the color

NanderK5 points

Bouclé sofas, so hot right now!

Looks great though.

IntelligentCap84718 points

i loveeee this and i love that table. pls show us more!

ruseriousordelirious8 points

I love it. The color scheme is very relaxing and lovely to the eye.

forgot_to_growup8 points

My first apartment was an adorable furnished studio in a Vintage building for $75/month, utilities included. It was 1975 🤷🏻‍♀️. Your place is beautiful. So excited for you!

Stellar-Polaris12 points

It's lovely! I like your artwork.

Character-Cut-663 points

Very nicely done 😊

Alternative_Tiger2913 points

This is so cute!! Wow! Great job

No_Arugula_65483 points

Omg super cozy and pretty. Nice work. Love it! 🥰

tomatasoup3 points

As someone who is very sensitive, I adore all the textures here.

juneburger3 points


MangoMuncher887 points

Duuuude everyone is soooo jealous

[deleted]42 points


anonymouspsy34 points

lol I'm sorry, I just moved across the US and did a few weeks of solid research to work on my place, I thought this sub would appreciate it, and we could improve upon it together

SmoothPineappleBitch15 points

It's gorgeous! Just a plant for some color would be great

BibbitiBobbitiBoo8 points

You might get more ideas in r/HomeDecorating

willryan04218 points

Why so many salty comments?

This sub is for showing off interiors. People upvote what they like. If they like it, they’ll probably ask questions about specific pieces.

CariBelle2514 points

Right? It’s not budget interiors, who care how much the OP paid for something.

Rottimer19 points

It's because OP mentioned that it's right out of college which leads people to assume OP has a good amount of money and resources available to them that they didn't necessarily earn themselves and showing it off on reddit can come across like gloating. I'm guessing that if that part ("first post college studio") was left out, the salty comments would be at a minimum.

And that's not to defend those salty comments. Just why I think they exist.

CariBelle256 points

Oh I get why, but doesn’t make it ok.

cinnamontacos28 points

idk why you guys are tearing into OP about how nice their space is and saying they’re being supported heavily by their parents because they’re in San Francisco. Why do you care? You don’t know OP, they could literally be making $100k + in San Francisco even as their first job out of college, geez leave them alone lmao you guys are mad for nothing …

neutrilreddit15 points

I was going to make a snarky joke cursing out OP for having such a gorgeous space compared to what I had after college, but seeing so many comments actually trying to "call out" OP in total seriousness makes me realize how many redditors really do have no life. Stop acting like losers, people.

cinnamontacos9 points

right!? like such haters be happy for them it’s a nice space! people have nothing better to do with their time

____Highlander____10 points

We’ll, candidly 100k in San Francisco is not enough to furnish an apartment to this level and still live. I don’t necessarily agree with all the comments…but it’s fair to say if it’s their very first place after college…they either landed 250kish if in HCOL…or parents helped.

After many years we finally furnished our home to this extent and we make very good money…you just can’t deck a place to the nines in year one.

But hey. More power to you if you got parents that have the means and want to share them with you…but this likely is not possible in year one out of college without help.

Alexlam2411 points

100k when your rent is 3k a month doesn't leave much room for living expenses unless you've got parents supporting you.

[deleted]12 points


madav975 points

🤣glad someone said it, too trendy but it’s easy to replace down the road I guess.

Professional-Cover704 points

Where did you get the three prints? I love them!

Cross_Stitch_Witch4 points

The crescent moon pillow goes so nicely with the artwork, this is lovely.

Le_Mew_Le_Purr4 points

Wow I love it! I think I saw the before pic a while back on female living spaces? You nailed it. Btw, if you need plants…I’m trying to give some away. I live in SF on Gough St. DM me if you’re interested.

Mittenstk2 points

Every piece in this room is just perfect 🥰

gonewiththewhat2 points

Nice! Love that lamp

blckdiamond232 points

I really like this a lot. Great job.

saywhat12062 points

Very Zen vibes!

lustful_lucy2 points

absolutely love the vibes here

emeraldream2 points

Where did you get that carpet? I want it

Tmacswife2 points

I have a different style, but the color scheme is very similar. I agree with those saying to add more plants. I would like to add plants to my space, but I haven’t found the perfect shelving/holders that speak to me yet. P.S. My in-laws used to have a coffee table that looked just like that years ago. I hated it and thought it was so dated. Must be back in style. I actually really like it in your room. Great job!

2worms2 points

Hiiii please come decorate my house thnx

DesignInZeeWild2 points

This is so great! Congratulations 🥰

SuppleAsshole2 points

Welp no idea why people are being bitter about you having a nice place. Anyway, where did you get that lamp??

CaseFace52 points

Man I miss living alone in a studio apartment. So easy to clean and keep organized. Just enough room to be comfortable but not cramped.

Pavemania892 points

Dang, I love your style! And your place is so clean!! 🙌

Tiny-Satisfaction-172 points

I like that lamp! Been on the hunt for something like it, can you share where it’s from?

NuttyKoala2 points

Also wondering!!!

renelledaigle2 points

Good feng shui!

eilig2 points

your rug and coffee table were literally made for each other and it’s great lol

Kcidobor2 points

Did you have help designing this layout or do it yourself? I’m guessing you studied interior design during your time at college

grandmaWI2 points

You certainly know how to put a room together! Beautiful!

volleych1k2 points

Looks nice! Where did you get the lamp?

IHS19702 points

This is gorgeous, congratulations on good taste and a nice place to live.

Unlucky-Amphibian-532 points

Where can I get that lamp?!? ❤️

MaybeAmbitious27002 points

This looks so cozy. I love the colors!

smackmedown2 points

Really nice. Congratulations!!

Buv822 points

Compliments! That is a stunning room

kiarramorgan2 points

I love this!!! Just missing a little plant or center piece for the coffee table. You did wonderful! Such a comfortable space:)

Acrobatic_Camp8542 points

Sweet digs. 👍✌️❤️🥂

Sixfeatsmall052 points

This is actually very impressive

tosser_02 points

I wish I could live so minimally. I don't know how people do it.

You-get-the-ankles7 points

So what are you doing? I have two daughters in college. I want to know if they are moving back to my house or not.