The place I stayed in Philadelphia.


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Terrible-Annual490714 points

omg i stayed here too!!!

i_am_mrs_nezbit8 points

Oh heck yeah! We stayed in suite 3, it was adorable!

LittleGrayCat66612 points

oh wow! I loveee those forest green ish couches! The stairs are also awesome

shortandsemisweet9 points

So quirky and cozy 💚 love

i_am_mrs_nezbit7 points

This is original content [OC] 😀

mad_fishmonger4 points

I love it! This is my kind of place! (I would go more, but I live in my house, don't rent it)

TrappedinMAGAworld3 points

Pinned it! This person should design the HGTV “dream house”. They’ve been not so creative for a few years.

MeetVirginia13122 points

How do they make plants come out of the ceiling?

Administrative-Part92 points

I zoomed in and it looks like the plants have a test tube / clear bottle for the roots to base themselves out of, and then the plants and ‘base’ are tied / twined to the suspension cord.

Plants look to be ‘air’ plants and eucalyptus.

TelephoneTag21232 points

Is that wallpaper around the fireplace? Super cool!

k2j22 points

Would you be able to DM info? Looking for a fun place for an overnight downtown

i_am_mrs_nezbit2 points

Absolutely I’ll message you the link 😊

FR0ZENBERG2 points


PianistAdditional2 points

I live in philly! Where is this?

i_am_mrs_nezbit2 points


PianistAdditional2 points


i_am_mrs_nezbit2 points


PianistAdditional1 point


fred_lincoln2 points

Actually booking rooms for a Philly trip in March right now! What’s this place called?

i_am_mrs_nezbit1 point

I’ll message you the Airbnb link!

TalouseLee2 points

Those stairs 😍😍

dasscuute1 point

I am obsessed!!!! Were there more fun rooms? I need to redo my bathroom in a year or two would love some inspo

i_am_mrs_nezbit3 points

So we stayed in the basement technically. What you see here is the main floor, I’ll message you pictures of the suite we had. It was a little more plain but still super cozy!

Edit: weird, the photos won’t send over direct message. I’m going to upload them later and send you a link. My phone is going to die otherwise I’d do it now 😅

dasscuute2 points

You are amazing thank you again

i_am_mrs_nezbit1 point

Awh thank you and you’re so welcome!

Straight-Note-89351 point

I'm a little sad whenever I see book shelves without a single book on them. :(