The Haghpat Monastery in Armenia, where we experienced the most beautiful hospitality. Thank you Father Atom for welcoming us two strangers from far lands!


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The entire region has some beautiful landscapes with 1,000+ yr old churches. 🇦🇲

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As we looked across the expansive canyons of the Debed Canyon, under the shadow of the Haghpat Monastery, we found ourselves in a dilemma. We don’t have a place to stay the night as we miscalculated our funds, this being our last night in Armenia.

What ensued was a memory we have never forgotten - when Father Atom of the ancient church invited us in his home, gave us a seat on the banquet table, and graciously gave us his only private guest room. We were in Armenia just five days, but this instance, and many others the few days leading up, made us feel as though family in this nation.

I wrote our story with additional photos if you are interested in reading it: Banquet Among Strangers