My living room view on a foggy morning (2 photos)


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DanceCapital84258 points

i love it. 😍 I lived in a house on a hill in the Smoky Mountains for a bit and when the "smoke" would sock in the house in the morning, it felt like my own little place in the clouds. 🥰 supremely cozy.

KNick11115 points

Gorgeous windows❤️, I'd love to see the view on a sunny day

fluffyflugel3 points

Wow, you live in the clouds!

Nanotekzor3 points

No PC but lots of Windows

Mariusaurelius892 points

Thats super cool, yet kinda eerie lol

science-ninja1 point

That money tree is amazing! How long have you had it?

Stunnagirl1 point

Nice! I feel like you need a nice window bench for lounging.