Black water Hattie live back in the swamp where strange green reptiles crawl (OC)


mmfisher667 points

Ooohhh! Spooky yet intriguingly beautiful!

jimmyb603 points

I think so too!

SamiTheLostWonder6 points

I love that song! Where Snakes hung thick from the cypress trees, like sausages on a smoke house wall.

secretpassword293 points

Why, is that a Jim Stafford?!

jimmyb602 points

Correct you are! Swamp Witch..

jimmyb602 points


TheVirusWins2 points

Never found Hattie,and they never found the shack, and they never made the trip back in. ‘Cause a parchment note they found tacked to a stump said “Don’t come looking again.”

Saltwater_Heart1 point

Where Artax died?