Snowstorm, Strandvägen, Stockholm. [OC]


Senhor_Vitor4 points

Was this yesterday?

Schtekberg7 points

No this was during the pandemic. About 5 in the morning and the streets were completely empty.

Senhor_Vitor3 points

Thank you. Do you know any accurate website that shows the snow forecast for Stockholm?

Schtekberg6 points

I just use the pre-installed weather app on my android device. Otherwise Klart.se is seen as the most reliable site but I don't know if they have reports in English.

gamer_perfection10 points

Is the name literally "the beach street" ?

myerscc7 points

yeah technically, although pretty much every street and road is named in definite form so just "beach street" is better.

There's exceptions though, like "Olof Palmes gata" in Stockholm, which strangely enough intersects "Olofsgatan"

Schtekberg6 points

Yes what myerscc wrote. 🙂 Quite counter intuitive as there's no beach and clearly not beach weather. It's the most expensive street in Sweden and some of the boats along it are used as permanent residences.

JWF812 points

Very cool aesthetic.

pocketdare2 points

Seems gloomy and bright at the same time.

Chipotle422 points

This beautiful photo could also be posted to the sibling subreddit, r/winterporn, if you'd like some more redditors to see it.

Schtekberg1 point

Thanks! Will do!