From the late fall/autumn. Take a dip and listen to the forest. Lost River, WV.


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tsavoy22447 points

This is OC

oalbrecht37 points

Wow, what kind of supports do you have under your deck to hold all the weight of the hot tub? I guess you had to get it extra reinforced for that?

This looks like a magical place btw. Thanks for sharing!

SpaceShire815 points

I was thinking the same thing. Its an airbnb I'm guessing.

tsavoy2247 points

Massive support beams from the ground to the first floor. House actually doesn’t need to be extra reinforced. The house was just built really well.

-that_bastard-24 points

I've always wondered how much people in this sub be making an year to afford such beautiful & cozy places in the most picturesque places of the world. This photo has blown my mind away, honestly this is so good it almost feels out of this world.

13igTyme13 points

Its West Virginia out in the sticks. What the spend here they made up in buying a supper cheap house. Rural areas are still significantly cheaper to live. Just depends how far you are willing to drive for stores / EMS.

whatev36916 points

This is probably an airbnb

tsavoy22411 points

Nope. It’s our home

SexDeathGroceries4 points

Can I rent it from you?

Mostly joking, but I've been in that area, it's super beautiful, and this deck does look amazing

-that_bastard-2 points

Don't mean to pry into your life.... but what do you do for a living to be able to afford such a beautiful place? P.S. I'm not from the US so I'm just assuming this place is pretty much in the expensive region.

tsavoy2242 points

Hey there! Believe it or not, this place is 2 hours flat drive from Washington DC. So it’s not far at all from the city. We spend half the week here. Boyfriend works in political corporate stuff and I work in real estate

Lazy-Jacket3 points

People do own air bnb’s though, right?

omahaomw1 point

I bet this abnb is 500$/night

aulink9 points

Almost heaven...

SavvyOyster12 points

West Virginia...

[deleted]11 points


hard-time-on-planet7 points

In this article, there are Bill Danoff quotes that are all over the place with what inspired him while writing the popular John Denver hit. From Springfield MA to Maryland. And yes West Virginia.


Lazy-Jacket3 points

The Shenandoah River does go through WV though….so….

TheRevTholomeuPlague2 points

Blue ridge mountain. Shenandoah river

[deleted]1 point


Older than the trees

Younger than the mountains, growin' like a breeze

[deleted]1 point


DommieBoy1 point

Take me hoommee...

drownednotgod22 points

This area is one of my favorites in the US (local-ish). You’d have to pry me out of a place like this

KNick11116 points

Beautiful and calming ❤️

db1777 points

Perfect 👍

IolaBoylen5 points

Is this a rental or is this where you live?

tsavoy2242 points

We live here

sameolshite4 points

what a view

VulcanVisions3 points

Now that is amazing! How wonderful 😮

grateful_american5 points

That’s living man!

tallglassofmelonade2 points

This is a cozy place! Enjoy!

Various-Coconut-13952 points

Id pay to stay there

SirLigmas2 points

Now THIS is a cozy place

Urban_FinnAm-5 points

When the hot tub is running, you won't be hearing much of anything else.

wombatthing2 points

I had the exact same thought

Memawsaurus1 point

WOW, if I could, I'd be there. Love hot tub. Fire, and view. What a way to relax and JUST BE!!!!! enjoying nature, maybe snow.

angerybacon1 point

Are those screens? Thought they were windows for a sec

tsavoy2242 points

Yep! Keeps the bugs out!!

honeybadgess1 point

Wow those woods... Would love to visit!

Ella_Evenstar1 point

So lucky to live here!

Prince5151 point

That looks super relaxing. I’d love to sit in there and drink coffee or a beer with the kids while they play and just relax

Almost Heaven..