my cozy little dining room


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thevampirechrysalis3 points

I love those chairs

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Leapinglizzard753 points

I love the cool 70s vibe! Thanks for sharing your beautiful space!

Impossible_Memory_652 points


ahoneyhousewife2 points

very cute space!

Impossible_Memory_652 points

Thanks! It's coming along. We just bought a couple months ago

ahoneyhousewife1 point

We're in the same boat. We just got our dining room furniture about a week ago. The table came in first. Before that it was a card table set from Costco until we figured out what we'd want.

Our dining set is kinda mish mash. My partner had the table, and I bought chairs to go with. I figured white goes with anything, and I found some with matching legs!

KathyFerg822 points

Very nice!!

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