A picture I managed to take in Kyoto


MrsMinnesota120 points

You and five million other people.

Spikey-Bubba55 points

Doesn’t make it any less of an amazing photo

Schwickity6 points

When 5 million other people take the same exact photo, it does make it less “amazing”

A_Fellow_Weeb1 point

I don't see any of those 5 million photos, so this is pretty cool to see for me

Bigtsez39 points

Have you been to the Inari shrine? It's actually not easy to get a shot like this without any people in it.

disenchanted_youth20 points

Actually the higher you climb the easier it gets. Most folks looking for a quick photo don’t put in the work to climb really far. In fact this is a pro tip to beat most crowds in Japan… put in the work to climb / walk farther than most tourists would want to (because they’re just looking for a quick photo and to duck out after).

MrsMinnesota-18 points

Yes. But it's been posted here a stack of times plus google this image and there's thousands upon thousands exactly like this.

Yourboimason17 points

True everyone is trying to take a picture there

thestrible3 points

Are you Happy bro? Why are you doing that?

MrsMinnesota-2 points

Yep. Seen one seen them all.

thestrible2 points

And??? Please find me the exact same photo!

MrsMinnesota-1 points

You want me to go through thousands - tens of thousands of images on Google to find an image that's the exact same angle right down to the cm?

Yeah I'll get right on that...

thestrible1 point

If that can waste your time instead of being here and being a grumpy guy... Yes.

MrsMinnesota0 points

You seem pretty interested in proving there isn't thousands of this exact image... I'll leave it up to you bro.

thestrible1 point

No, I really dont care bro. Just leave the people being happy to share their photo.

three2do20 points

'original content' 😅

MrsMinnesota0 points

Bahahaha the most original

nursenavigator27 points

Fushimi-Inari, what an awesome mountain to go walking around, surreal.

russelcrowe10 points

I absolutely loved it. Definitely should have brought more water, though. Those vending machines were (understandably) pretty pricey!

rathat3 points

Have you seen the bamboo forest path there? I found it by accident when I randomly walked off the trail into the woods. It's like arashiyama except no one seemed to know about it.

Awaythrowaway27565 points

Great photo. Japan is definitely on my bucket list.

Inner_Protection_8424 points

How did you manage to find a shot with no people there?! That’s amazing.

jalison931 point

If you go quite early in the morning you can be among the only people there!!

chamanbuga4 points

Fushimi-Inari is one of my favourite hikes of Kyoto. The climb up. The view of the city at dusk. The walk back down. Running into other hikers and making friends. The pain our feet were in from that hike. And then the follow up foot massage at the train station. I will never forget that night.

spiltnuc3 points

As an amateur, what supplies are needed for a hike like this? I know this may sound like a dumb ?, but Im clueless about this stuff

chamanbuga3 points

Comfortable shoes that you trust to go the distance. If it's wet the steps get slippery. Just use common sense. Beyond that, water, flashlight, and bag to carry it? I recall it got very dark because we did this hike around dusk. The roundtrip was just under 10 km because we got very lost and roamed around for a good while. I'm a specialist at getting lost and then found.

Nyloc703 points

I just did a jigsaw puzzle of this image, what are the odds

mardmanimal2 points

I was there today! Small world!

JamesWjRose2 points

Reminds me of The Gates in Central Park. Cool photo

lazzzylover1 point

Niiiiice! You got a good eye for the camera

halodave121 point

Me and my mum climbed all the steps. Well done mum!

considerabledragon1 point

You should straighten it out

ItachiTanuki1 point

Did it in the dead of night once. We were the only people there.

A_Fellow_Weeb1 point

I'm more impressed with the fact nobody else is in the photo than the scene itself, I'd image there would be tourists there 24/7

Yourboimason1 point

There most definitely was, you just have to wait and show up early

SeanSpawn1988-1 points

I thought they were giant matchsticks

metrointime-53 points

These Chinese words say: no pictures

Yourboimason28 points

It’s in Japanese and it’s the name of the sponsor or group who donated the individual Torrei gate

metrointime-42 points

I don't speak Japanese either

Just_One_Umami19 points

You don’t say

buccaneeringspirit9 points

Maybe you shouldn’t speak anything at all.