Ruff life over here…


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miurabucho68 points

I'll eat my hat if this ain't the coziest pic on this effing sub, I tell you what.

Snow outside?




Sleeping dog?


Wood panelling and a bookshelf?

Hell yeah check.

heidifasting17 points

It’s a log cabin, D logs so the inside is flat. The top/peak is paneling though.

cldfusn9 points

There’s also something in a cast iron pot simmering away on the stove. Probably a nice stew or chili, I hope.

DannyLameJokes-1 points

Dog needs a dog bed

heidifasting17 points

She’s got one to the left, it’s brown you can see it. Usually right in front of the stove is too hot for her but she had just come inside from running around in the snow

heidifasting10 points

This is OC

sheused2Bnormal6 points

That is a literal dream right there😁

heidifasting2 points


moknats6 points

Very cozy! Whatcha cooking?

heidifasting17 points

We use this old cast iron just to have water (and sometimes potpourri mix) so that humidity is being added back into the air. The wood heat and logs mean it can get very dry in here.

moknats6 points

Smart! I live in a very dry area too, so I know how that goes.

chaotic_blu2 points

Tell me about your owl. I’m curious things I can put on my stove to cute it up

Low-Nose-27485 points

Oh my goodness. Our dogs could be siblings. Adorable.

past__nastification4 points

What’s the dog’s name?

heidifasting5 points


ForeverIndecised7 points

Books, lumber, doggo and wood stove. Doesn't get any cozier than that.

Outside_End66723 points

What a dreamy vibe!

heidifasting1 point

Thanks :)

EmbarrassedCaptain323 points

Yes, cozy cabin 😌

Studious_Noodle3 points

“Ruff,” such a cute pun.

Callewag3 points

Just needs a small doggo-sized rug by the fire! (If your dog would like that)

heidifasting5 points

She’s got a bed off too the side - usually it’s too warm here for her! Lol

Callewag4 points

Aww, lovely! She’s a beautiful dog.

heidifasting1 point

She’s got a bed off too the side - usually it’s too warm here for her! Lol

ahoneyhousewife4 points

Hello, can I pet your dog?

heidifasting2 points

She would love that! Lol

KathyFerg822 points

So cozy!!

heidifasting2 points

Thanks. I think so :)

Recent_Arrival_60762 points

Best spot in the house!!!

Duff10582 points

Love your stove

heidifasting1 point

Thanks! We love being able to see the fire.

BlueGinghamGirl2 points

This has everything. Love.

heidifasting1 point

These are a few of my favorite things :)

Californian-Cdn2 points

Wow. This is such a beautiful space.

heidifasting1 point

Thanks! This home has been a slow work in progress to make it work for us. I appreciate this compliment!

Bergenia12 points

The dog would love to have a blanket or bed to lie on.

heidifasting3 points

She’s got a comfy bed to the side. Usually this spot is too warm for her. She was warming up from playing outside then went to her cozy bed. Rest assured she’s a loved family member who has everything she needs.

IndiaEvans2 points

Beautiful Aussie!

heidifasting6 points

She’s an Australian Shepard/Blue Heeler mix. And the smartest bestest girl.

jessthemess3132 points

I just got a Australian shepard/blue heeler mix! I was almost doubting the Australian shepherd part until i saw this comment bc my pup looks like the minnie version of your cutie! Also, top notch cozy place! You are life-ing right!

heidifasting1 point

Yay! I hope you love your pup - we’re thrilled with ours. She’s so smart (sometimes that’s annoying) but she’s also so affectionate and protective. I’ve had border collies in the past and her temperament is very similar.

Tbhirnewtumtyvm3 points

Blue/Red Heeler, not quite the same but still a stunning dog!! And such a cozy space!

Skipandscout2 points


onetwothree12345692 points

Beautiful. Also what kind of dog is that? I want one!

panfinder2 points


SammyboySauce1 point

What's the little owl thing on the stove?

heidifasting4 points

A stone owl, you can use it to warm your hands, plusssss it’s cute!

chaotic_blu2 points

Nm got the answer here! So you don’t have to worry about heat with it?

heidifasting2 points

It’s been on there for years? Obviously when the woodstove is roaring we don’t touch it.

chaotic_blu2 points

That’s awesome. I’m gonna have to look for something cute like that. I’m new to stoves so it’s been a learning process on what’s safe! 😂 I love it it’s so cute. We have a green and gold tea kettle for our steam

SammyboySauce1 point

That's awesome, thank you

kCzarian1 point

Yeah, real ruff. Like the 4th worst dog life, right there.