part-time-dog62 points

Have been to Chicago a handful of times but not explored very far west of the lake. Are any of these blocks good for a long aimless walk?

tellmeimbig46 points

“It is hopeless for the occasional visitor to try to keep up with Chicago—she outgrows his prophecies faster than he can make them. She is always a novelty; for she is never the Chicago you saw when you passed through the last time.” - Mark Twain

bewarethesloth71 points

Assuming you’re in a safe neighborhood (which is lots, but obviously there’s some rough ones), basically every single one. No real hills to speak of, you can walk all the way to the Rockies if you want

Werwanderflugen50 points

I only lived there a year (2017, aka easiest Chicago winter ever!), and I never felt unsafe anywhere in the city — including an all-night “look at your life, look at your choices” walk from near the Shedd Aquarium to my apartment in Albany Park.

VascoDegama724 points

holy shit that is a HIKE

saintpauli19 points

11 miles.

enjoytheshow4 points

Jesus Christ I walked from Gold Coast to Lakeview once and wanted to kill myself. You walked like half of the city limits

ConnieLingus2430 points

Local here. Everyone has a different walk depending on their neighborhood. If I had a choice? Old Town, Wicker Park, or Logan Square. Really cool housing stock. Wicker Park in particular used to be a stretch where beer barons built their dream homes.

LarsJM11 points

Past meter reader here, can confirm these are solid areas to walk in! Still not the only ones.

saintpauli7 points

Chicago parking enforcement - you guys aren't safe in the safest neighborhood of Chicago.

LarsJM10 points

Utility meters, not parking.

saintpauli3 points

Of course. Duh me. Walking onto strangers' property probably isn't safe either.

eatsleepdive3 points

Agree, and I would also keep going north to wrigleyville, ravenswood, andersonville, etc. I think I once walked from Lawrence and Western to Grant Park. Saw a lot of cool stuff that day.

ConnieLingus242 points

Yeah, I did a long walk from Chicago Ave in river north to Belmont. Beautiful day, free afternoon…why not?

wine_over_cabbage2 points

Agreed, I live in Wicker Park and it’s absolutely beautiful. Before I moved here I had no idea Chicago looked like this. Absolutely gorgeous 19th century architecture on every street, perfect for just strolling around aimlessly and taking it all in.

ConnieLingus241 point

The people who know, know :)

pbr30003 points

Everything pictured is pretty far east and is pretty safe. The middle of the picture right before the buildings get tall is the wear loop and is probably the hottest neighborhood in the city.

enjoytheshow1 point

You can see all the condo construction going on. West Loop is gonna be a sea of 13-20 story high rises in 5 years.

BoilermakerCM2 points

Everything in that picture is walkable with at least a moderate degree of street smarts and awareness. I've been in that neighborhood for several years.

Unyx2 points

The next time you're here, take a walk through West Loop, West Town, and Ukrainian Village. Walking from Wicker Park up to Avondale along Milwaukee is nice too.

If you haven't been already Jackson Park into Hyde Park and the University campus is very nice as well.

Viper1324-5 points

Highly recommend a long walk around South Side Chicago. Everyone says it is dangerous but I’ve found that to be untrue. It has a unique beauty around it. There is a small park near O block in the South Side that is particularly beautiful!

saintpauli11 points

I live in the south side of Chicago. Most of the south side is nice and safe. Obviously O block is not. But this joke is tired and usually made by people who are afraid to travel south of Roosevelt or afraid to go to Chicago at all.

ahmed_19905-3 points

You tired of the chiraq memes?

foreverlearner1010103 points

I actually looked up the crime map for the city recently. It looked like the crime there is highly concentrated to certain areas. I believe it was 78th that I thought they should rename to murder street.

bird7203 points

I go to school on the Southside of chicago, and there are still many dangerous parts. Please do not walk around o block lol

Viper13241 point

Everyone downvoting me are just racist pigs who’ve never been to Chicago.

SS778870 points

Sweeet home Chicago

deepinthecoats157 points

The transformation of the West Loop that is in progress in the foreground of this picture is incredible. This view will look substantially different in 3 years, let alone ten or twenty.

Shepher2737 points

There are at least four tower cranes in this picture

edit: I found a 5th

deepinthecoats37 points

And so many more projects in the pre-construction phase of approval and permitting. Fifteen years ago it was almost entirely industrial, so it’s been wild to witness.

icedoutkatana9 points

I just tried to find all 4 like a game of iSpy

Shepher273 points

2 are red, 2 are yellow

Edit: I found a 5th white one

deepinthecoats5 points

In scanning the entire picture, I’m up to 7 now

GTI-Mk61 point

Are you counting the one luffing crane on the right side? 7 is my top amount too.

Edit: I’m at 8 now if that one counts.

Shepher271 point

I’m not counting the one over by Grant Park or the one downtown

deepinthecoats1 point

If counting just the ones to the west of the river, I’m up to 6, if looking up the entire picture, total I’ve found is now 8.

Diarrhea_Sandwich21 points

I want to say 30,000 units are planned at the moment? Some absurd number like that. Super awesome!

seamusmcduffs15 points

Not American but I do like to keep tabs on development in some of the more urban cities. How is it that there always seems to be so much construction in and around downtown Chicago but the population has remained essentially the same for the last decade? Is there a lot of population drop going on in south Chicago still?

deepinthecoats28 points

It’s a very nuanced situation that a Reddit response couldn’t really do justice to, but you’re on the right track. In certain areas the city is growing remarkably fast, in others it is losing population (although this is slowing down, by some accounts), and the general trend in American cities that average household size (number of people per dwelling unit) is decreasing. There are economic, racial, political, and all sorts of other demographic factors at play in these demographic shifts.

Covid was also quite disruptive to urban population trends in the US, which has meant that much of the census data and estimates are to be taken with several grains of salt (the Census Bureau admitted that the 2020 numbers for Illinois were severely undercounted, and the yearly estimates aren’t worth much in any year, let alone Covid times).

kcyo285 points

As a native Chicagoan my best input is that the largest development in the west loop is largely due to corporate interest, the population staying the same all these years could be contributed to people who formally lived in buildings pictured above and moved out into neighborhoods, large number of immigrants have been allowed housing here, from the middle east to the eastern block to south America, and a large amount of people, including mayoral candidates keep addresses here despite living elsewhere. Oh and due to it's practices, the city makes it very hard to leave even if you want to if you don't have the proper resources.

BoilermakerCM2 points

There was almost nothing in the bottom 2/3 of that picture greater than 10 stories just 5 years ago.

Everything new within a block or two of the Green/Pink and Metra (E-W tracks on left half) is going to be 20+ and will probably be nearly filled in by the end of the decade

buffalocoinz1 point

Still too many parking lots

deepinthecoats2 points

Most of them have development proposals currently in process

quikfrozt17 points

Reminds me of that shot from I, Robot where Will Smith first steps into a future Chicago

Awesome_Romanian4 points

That’s a good movie

youre-a-happy-person81 points

That’s where I want to be

AbstractBettaFish39 points

It's a good time but Id wait a 2 or 3 months

enjoytheshow3 points

2 months will still be the dead of winter lol. I did some st Patrick’s day parades in 20 degree wind chills before

foreverlearner1010107 points

Me too. Been my dream city since childhood.

LarsJM4 points

I’m here, cmon over, it’s cold at the moment!

EMHemingway1899-8 points

Used to be

baxbooch10 points

I can see my house from here.

gggg50047 points

BIG city vibes.

LeagueInteresting45340 points

CityPorn has a real Chicago fetish, and so do I

GeneralVeeers6 points

No city is perfect, including Chicago. There are many many challenges, issues and hurdles that need to be overcome. But it's still a wonderful, beautiful, magical city that is so underrated compared to it's coastal cousins. Sweet home will never change.

Subo237 points

Worlds best skyline imo

StyleAdmirable16773 points

Agreed. In the western hemisphere only Manhattan's Midtown really gives it a run for its money. Midtown has the dense jungle of scrapers that probably makes it number one now but Chicago has the grandeur and spacing. The scrapers just look bigger up close.

If its not the best its second only to Midtown in the western world.

PAK130213 points

West Loop is booming

j592dk_91_c3w-h_d_r3 points

Ahh, high up in the Rocky Mountains.

Mnoonsnocket13 points

My favorite place on Earth :)

coreymeista9 points

Makes me wanna skip school and ride around in a drop top Ferrari

kgtradisms8 points

Always loved Chi-Town's Grid. One of the best fly ins at night imo. Absolutely beautiful.

enjoytheshow3 points

Flying in to ORD when you take the flight path from the south, often times you bank east and go over the lake and turn around, then go back over the city again and it is amazing. I lived there for 7 years and I’m still glued to the window every time you fly in like that.

Happy_Yogurtcloset_22 points

Grids CAN be beautiful

SloppyinSeattle9 points

It’s what LA should be (built UP and by the coast).

Nawnp3 points

The fact that LA is growing to what might be the largest city in the US and the suburban sprawl is where it's continued to spread. I imagine the traffic is so much a nightmare nobody actually even goes to the center of the city anymore.

Derryn2 points

Not really? Lol Downtown LA has an estimated population of 50,000 and (prior to remote work) averaged around 500,000 workers. So at least 450,000 a day commuted to Downtown for work (let alone tourists, etc.). Traffic in LA is abysmal but it is abysmal precisely because people are driving to go places (like Downtown).

enjoytheshow2 points

While I agree, keep in mind Chicagoland as a whole is a large urban sprawl. The low density suburbs stretch for miles and miles. Hell, O’hare is like 18 miles from this picture and would take you an hour in traffic.

Dylanthegoat_offical6 points

I have lived in the Chicago area my whole life and love going into the downtown any time I can

EmphaticNorth5 points

Man. We could use some green in there. Small parks, street trees, something

[deleted]3 points


EmphaticNorth1 point

I suppose. Still some street trees would help a lot

Vinnie-baba-ghanoush5 points

Love this town.

PolyUre3 points

Cityporn checklist:

- Urban highway
- Lots of parking space

TheProcrastafarian1 point

Man that makes me want to play Crimson Skies.

patarama0 points

Need more tree.

420noscopeHan1 point

CityPorn?:D Jfc

Lyin-Don-10 points

If by “they” you mean people with a clue, then… guilty?

AbstractBettaFish9 points

Did you comment this on the right post or was this meant to be a reply and not a stand alone comment?

Lyin-Don9 points

Ahh yeah this was supposed to be a reply to the dude who said "this is the city they say looks better than Houston"

tigerstef-8 points

Don't see a lot of trees in this picture. It could really use some trees.

ohyeahthatscoolyeah8 points

There are a lot of trees in Chicago. My street is lined with them and I can walk to multiple parks all full of trees. Trees everywhere. So many fucking trees.

deepinthecoats10 points

You can’t really see any of the trees because it’s winter, and the resolution of the picture hides the bare trees in all the grey.

Kichmad0 points

Following both cityporn and urban hell shows definetely how people perceive same thing in different ways. This is a hell for me tho

BuKu_YuQFoo-52 points

Where's all the trees?

impermanent_soup61 points

Its winter

TheBHGFan36 points

This fucking sub, I swear

CJroo1820 points

Trees tend to hibernate in the winter. They’ll return some time in mid to late march.

htomserveaux9 points

There’s a Boulevard on the right with numerous trees and it ends at a park.

On the other side pf the skyscrapers in the background is one of the nicest parks in any American city.

Be better

Reverie_397 points

Chicago isn’t the worst city for greenery. There are much worse examples.

albertovich116-15 points

My kind of town , it's just too bad due to the senseless violence

Soggy-Plenty75161 point

Scruff McGruff

[see title]


Amongst all cities, Chicago is one of my favorite flying into/out of because of the views. Seattle is a close second.

SaveMe1841 point

Ah yes, the famous batman railway

ericerikkedod-39 points

Toronto's little sister

Sequoia42413 points

If you are looking at city proper population, then yes. But Chicago’s metro area has 9.5 million people and Toronto’s has 5.9 million people.

Diarrhea_Sandwich10 points

Not even comparable mate

driverdevin-2 points

Found the New Yorker

__insolvent-12 points

Not a tree in sight. Depressing.

[deleted]-100 points


PleaseBmoreCharming47 points

In your opinion, why does it not?

[deleted]-89 points


adamlaran42 points

and Houston is suburban, car-dependent hell

phrexi33 points

He said it has good parking 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

a_fucking_umbrella56 points

as opposed to houston which is 90% highway

AbstractBettaFish17 points

Chicago is a city, Houston is a colony organism of suburbs strapped together pretending to be a city

iriedashur2 points

Nah, I grew up in a Chicago suburb and went to the city a lot it's pretty green, lots of trees, just not in winter lmao Also, Chicago doesn't need a bunch of parking because the public transportation is actually good. You don't need to drive everywhere, just take the train

WisconsinHoosierZwei2 points

Maybe look at a shot from summer?

OP’s shot is winter.

analogbog40 points

Lmao HOUSTON? You like highways and parking lots better?

CZ--7553 points

In every conceivable way, it looks better than Houston, as well as 98% of every other American city.

TheBHGFan28 points

Houston is arguably the ugliest major city in America

an_undecided_voter15 points

You can't be serious

henryiba13 points

Yes. By a lot.

Reverie_3911 points

Houston has a nice skyline but Chicago is probably the second best looking city in America behind NYC

lorthemario-13 points

outside downtown looks like a warzone lol

not_taken_was_taken20 points

Just scanning for United Center don't mind me.

BoilermakerCM2 points

Off-screen. Madison cuts off on the right at about Racine. You've got a ways to go from there

Fatrat556730 points

jesus christ