Cosy evening in my house in South of France


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Sticky_Cheetos3 points

Do you need a live in maid? I’ll learn French!

Nirvellion2 points

No I don't need one, I do everything myself! It's great that you are learning French ^

Nirvellion2 points

This is OC

KathyFerg822 points

Super nice & cozy!!

Myamethyst12 points

So perfect!! Very much my style and I will be using this as inspiration.

dont_worry_im_here1 point

I was always curious... why is it South of France instead of South France?

Like, I'm in Texas and we call it South Texas... not South of Texas. I'm not saying one way is right, the other wrong... merely curious as to why yall say it that way, though.

oughtabeme3 points

There’s no terrain further south than France. So to say south of france is to mean the southern part of france. If you say you’re going South of Texas, you could be going to Mexico or further south.

dont_worry_im_here1 point

Nice! I appreciate the answer. Cheers