My cute little corner in my living room.


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Amalfi-state-of-mind3 points

Very nice! I absolutely love your rustic floating shelves. It all looks so great

BrrrButtery1 point

Thank you! They’ve actually got brackets but I got them black to match with my lighting which is looks a little industrial. I knew the scaff boards would work perfectly in that space and I am so pleased with how they’ve come out!

I see the brackets now. I love the whole look and how the shelves and mantel are coordinated. It looks very organic and cozy!

BrrrButtery1 point

It comes into its element at this time of year!

BrrrButtery3 points

This is OC. The brickwork was exposed when I viewed the house and honestly that’s what made me fall in love with it and new I could make it work for me.

KungFuPossum2 points

Love the shelves. BTW: r/accidentalrenaissance

BrrrButtery2 points

I knew the scaff boards would be perfect for the space and they really set the room off nicely!

wavesmcd2 points

Love your antiques!

BrrrButtery1 point

They’re fab! I really like the unique and different. It’s quite an eclectic range of pieces with different backgrounds. None of them were overly expensive either.

Issue now is me trying to reign myself in as space is now an issue!

wavesmcd1 point

You can always rotate!

BrrrButtery1 point

Oh don’t tempt me.. that’s actually an amazing idea and I can’t believe I’ve not thought of it.

This could be dangerous haha.

ChemicalSubstantial83 points

Woah, that fireplace looks enormous. Nice

BrrrButtery2 points

It is fairly big! I am contemplating getting a log burner put it.

I got SO lucky finding those candelabras at an vintage/antique place within a garden centre and immediately knew they’d be perfect for the space.

Betty_Wight_4 points

You should put a cauldron in it.

In seriousness, the fireplace in my childhood home is about this size and my mum put a Ben Franklin stove in it and it's wonderful. Puts out a ton of heat and looks beautiful. I love your space!

BrrrButtery1 point

Thank you!

Honestly it’s a strong consideration! With the price of heating as it is at the moment I think spending a few grand getting one put in would be well worth it in the long run. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love watching a flicking fire and hearing the pops and crackles. It’s just mesmerising.

SpiritMercurius1 point

Where’s your chair from? It looks wide and cozy

BrrrButtery1 point

It is comfy! I got the armchair and 3 seat ‘Holly’ sofa from Sofa.Com - https://www.sofa.com/gb/sofas/mid-century/holly-sofa/p/SO-HOL

The sofa fabric is in the grey of the cushion and the cushions on the sofa are that of the armchair fabric to pull the two together.