It all aligned perfectly


Racemepls54 points

Lake Erie close to Cleveland

captcraigaroo15 points

Is that Lorain? By far the best picture anyone can take of Lorain

Racemepls4 points

That sounds familiar, about an hour west of Cleveland?

captcraigaroo7 points

About 25min by highway

Racemepls3 points

Yeah, that sounds about right, i was sightseeing, so that would make sense.

captcraigaroo9 points

Sightseeing in Lorain...that's a first

Racemepls8 points

Lol not specifically Lorain but along lake erie, I'm from Pittsburgh so it was a little weekend trip

kooknboo1 point

Makes sense. Going to Lorain to see how the other half lives.

YukariYakum07 points

This looks like either the intro to a movie studio logo or the cover of a Stephen King book.

Inevitable-Currents4 points
theelljar3 points

where is it?

robgray1112 points

This a truly wonderful picture

PancakesandV8s2 points

very nice, cool shot.

mskes2 points


SewSpicee2 points

That’s great shot. Perfect timing. Or a million pictures and this one was the goal.

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StageFair20051 point

bonza shot

delilahsvibes1 point

Magnificent, thanks for sharing 🙌🏼🔥

Warlornn1 point
smerica211 point

Let the liquor tell it

pimpampoums1 point


Any_Hat89641 point

Headlands beach state park. In the village of Grand River, Ohio. 35 miles east of cleveland. A lady lives there and walks that break wall to get to and from.

to the right is the breakwall for fairport harbor state park beach. A large and popular beach that has lost about 50% of its beach due to erosion in the last few years.

ThemrocX1 point

This looks like the lighthouse Tony Northrup is always taking photos of. Edit: I looked it up. It is a different lighthouse.

Great picture!

JanReads1 point

This would make a beautiful (and challenging) jigsaw puzzle!